Prayer to Archangel Uriel for Money – Amanda Linette Meder

Prayer to Archangel Uriel for Money - Amanda Linette Meder
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Archangel Uriel is one of the archangels who help with finances.

In early 2020 I wrote for the first time about Uriel and, to recap, about this angel:

  • Sparks passion, awakens motivation

  • Increases your inner strength

  • Leads you to the big picture (say goodbye to small thinking with Uriel on your team)

  • Supports you in taking optimal care of yourself

  • Increasing wealth and wisdom

  • forgiveness

Speaking of the last note, forgiveness is important as you open your mind to new avenues to receive.

If you’re looking for anything and knocking on doors to make them open, then absolutely do must forgive and let go of the past.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to forget all the lessons learned and wisdom gained along the journey.

Forgiveness is a willingness to leave dead things where they are, spiritually and figuratively, so you can focus fully on what is still alive and ready to happen.

Whining about the tombstones of the past isn’t exactly the place to be when you want to pray for new things to open up, like more money coming in.

Archangel Uriel’s purpose in assisting in forgiveness is for the reasons stated above. So if you’re stuck on a previous issue, you’re in luck because Uriel is burning so far.

I view Archangel Uriel as the angel who removes real and perceived obstacles to achieve a goal, almost like Ganesha. You are absolutely expected to embrace that particular person who embodies those aspects when you summon this angel.

In meditations for those I have read, Archangel Uriel often appears as orange and red light, like fire, sometimes as flames.

Finally, “Uriel” means “fire of God.”

Clairvoyant, when Uriel is with you you may feel like you have more energy than usual, or you may feel like you are more energetic without stimulants.

You can take on a boss mode, a doer mood.

Uriel can infuse a person with what is considered to be typically male action energy. However, Uriel rules all genders equally.

Those that Uriel guides tend to be very action-oriented and can come off as wayward to others.

If that’s you now, great. Just go on.

Okay, below is a prayer to Uriel for money coming in by any means, not necessarily a job or a specific career or business path.

If you are looking for a job, starting a business or need success in an ongoing business such as… B. success in hiring, finding the right vendors, etc. please read this article: Angelic Prayers for Employment, Career & Business Success

Take a deep breath, light a candle or put on soothing music and say a prayer:

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