Psychic Predictions for December 2022

My latest psychic predictions for June 2022
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As we approach the New Year, some strange and unusual events await you from now on! Especially the political arena in the US! Weird, bizarre, corruption and deceit will be the themes for the next few months!


More celebrities than ever will speak openly about their political views and tell the world what they stand for.

More celebrities than at any time in the past will be more vocal about their political beliefs and will share what they believe. They will lose some of their fans and gain others who are more aligned with their beliefs.

Kevin Spacey is set to end up with more sexual abuse allegations, and this time the outcome won’t be so happy for him as more enticing sexual details about his exploits with boys come to light! He may even spend some time in jail unless money is exchanged behind the scenes to keep him out of jail.

A big name in the entertainment world is finally going to make her sexuality public. Since she’s been in the spotlight for years, she’s hidden it well. But now the truth about her and her longtime friend is coming to the surface!


The announcement that Trump is running for re-election will make waves around the world. Some of his previous supporters will turn their backs on him, but he will gain a few new supporters as well. Many “secrets” will surface, and his uncoverers will say they want to show the world who he really is.

There will be another major bombing, killing and wounding several people. We will note that it was motivated for political reasons and also to draw attention to the bomber’s sick beliefs.

It will clash heads between several international governments, along with international threats of war. Some will fear that we are facing World War III, but it will be the decisions of these various leaders involved that will determine the outcome.

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New information is being discovered about how meteors of the past and their impact on our planet were responsible for things we never knew before! Some scientists will believe that their influence is related to the water on our planet!

A new strain of virus not related to COVID will sweep the world. Scientists will tell us it’s worse than the COVID-19 virus, and a person who gets it is twice as likely to die from it. Especially those between the ages of 40 and 58.

Further discoveries of human bones, prehistoric plants and animal remains will provide scientists with even more information about human ages. You will discover that man is far older than any religious text has ever claimed.

health and medicine

Woman with spinal injuries

It becomes easier to find treatment for those who have spinal cord injuries and become paralyzed.

Progress is being made in discovering a cure for people paralyzed by spinal injuries. It will look more hopeful that many people with these injuries will have a chance to walk again.

A new diet fad will sweep the nation and even some parts of the world. Although many seem to have excellent results from it, it will eventually turn out to have terrible health benefits, along with the cause of serious health problems in the future.

Some so-called “doctors and scientists” will start spreading misinformation in the media that sugar in large doses is not harmful to your body. It will later turn out that these fake doctors and scientists were paid by sugar manufacturers to spread this harmful information to the public.

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love and relationships

A new type of virus similar to herpes seems to be appearing out of nowhere. It will mainly be found in boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 18. Like herpes, it is currently incurable and is found to be spread through oral contact.

People will marry younger and younger as marriages between the ages of 18 and 25 will be on the rise. On top of that, there are younger families and more couples in these age groups are also starting to have children!

Swinging will be on the rise as married couples will feel the need to add spice to their lives. From rotating partners to two married couples doing it at the same time (foursomes), that 1970s lifestyle will be back on the rise. This will also become popular with couples who have been married for 25 years or more!


interest rate increases

As home sales continue to decline, interest rates will rise.

The interest rate will continue to rise as home sales continue to fall. The next few months will be a terrible time to sell, but a fantastic time to buy! Many pay the higher interest rate with the idea of ​​refinancing once the interest rate falls again.

Cryptocurrency will be a good long-term investment (20 years or more) for those who have time to wait. Eventually it will be a common currency like a credit card! Solid investors who make the right investments will make billions from it in the future.

A major Wall Street corruption scandal will shake the world. An international monetary scheme, reaching even outside the United States, is revealed. A former US President, several Senators and Congressmen and even politicians in Russia are also exposed as the biggest beneficiaries of this scam.

Warnings and Precautions

Political unrest is imminent. In the next few years, the US will experience some of the most violent, dangerous and serious riots the American public has ever seen! Both political parties will be shocked and impressed by the public reaction. People will finally show them they’ve gone too far this time!

Another major shooting will take place at a nightclub, killing several guests and seriously injuring them. The news will downplay the real cause of the event until protesters take a firm stand and demand that the real truth be told! Eventually the real truth will come out!

A well-known politician who pretends to stand up against racism is caught on the microphone using racist slurs. Not only will he quit quickly, but for the safety of himself and his family, he will move to an unknown location that he believes will be safer for them.

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