Psychic Predictions for September 2022

My latest psychic predictions for June 2022
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Here are more of my psychic predictions for 2022! Expect the remaining parts of the year to go crazy!! Political chaos will reign and violence will increase across America.


Another Hollywood celebrity is set to announce that she is transgender and begin the transition in the coming months. Fans will be shocked because no one ever expected this person to struggle with their gender identity. Support and acceptance will be overwhelming as their new journey begins.

Oprah Winfrey is set to make national headlines for an unexpected announcement. Many of her fans will be surprised by this announcement, but the news will also cause excitement among her followers!

An unexpected and tragic event will rock Hollywood. Some will say it is reminiscent of the 1969 Manson murders. Bizarre and unbelievable, and while the details are finally revealed, it will shock the nation.


By early 2023, gas prices will fall to more manageable levels.

Gun violence will increase in the US by January 2023. Expect more school shootings and traffic incidents and other forms of gun violence. Unfortunately, a politician who supports gun laws loses a child to gun violence, prompting him to reconsider his position on guns.

Political tensions between the US, North Korea and Russia will increase. Although there will be a lot of inflation in the chest, nothing dangerous or serious will result. But China will take a very unexpected step, and Russia will make a very bold statement!

Gas prices will start falling towards the end of 2022, but until then prices will continue to be manipulated. By early 2023, gas prices will fall to more bearable levels as gas companies begin to respond to falling gas sales as more people switch to electric cars.

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A solution will be found that can dissolve all plastic in the ocean within 30 years, using a biodegradable solution that does not harm marine life. In fact, this new treatment will not only dissolve the plastic, but also nourish and nourish marine life.

Bionic arms and legs are increasingly becoming a reality for people who have lost their limbs or were born without them. Eventually, these new bionic limbs will look so lifelike that you won’t realize they aren’t real limbs.

Eventually, a new breed of dog will be bred that will have some of the characteristics of a cat. Though it still barks, it also purrs similarly to a cat. It will also have a rough tongue rather than a smooth one. This medium sized dog is going to be all the rage!

health and medicine

capsule fish oil

Fish oil will soon be routinely recommended as a remedy for various ailments.

Research into fish oil will reveal that it has many health benefits previously unknown to doctors, leading to fish oil becoming a regularly prescribed treatment for certain diseases and conditions.

Over time, a new trend will swept the nation where more and more doctors will start prescribing foods and dietary changes to treat illnesses instead of prescribing medications for illnesses like dementia, MS and certain cancers, as well as a few other types of illnesses .

Medical research will make advances in extending the life of the average human to the age of 105 to 110, while maintaining excellent health, mobility and highly productive lives. Because of this longer lifespan, the retirement age will eventually be raised to 75 years.

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love and relationships

Eventually, a new love drug will come out that will be similar to Viagra, but unlike Viagra, the “effects” won’t last for hours. By taking it for a period of time, it is found to cure impotence.

If you were born between January and June of any year, your sex drive may skyrocket over the next month due to Venus’ planetary influences. You may find the next month a pleasant surprise or very frustrating.

Relationship problems will resolve and be resolved this month, especially anything to do with arguments, infidelity, or disagreement. To your amazement, these problems can dissolve as if they never existed! This is especially true for Libra, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.


The stock market will take some surprising turns as the year progresses. Many people will be successful during this time while others may not be so lucky depending on their portfolio and how they react to the market changes.

Gold prices will continue to rise along with diamond prices. This is not a good time to invest in any of these things as the market is going to get very wild and unpredictable. The cryptocurrency will recover and be stronger than ever. People who are patient and wait will benefit, while those who freak out and fold will suffer big losses.


melting ice glaciers

Scientists are concerned about extreme climate change as ice caps continue to melt at an alarming rate and beaches around the world are beginning to show signs of erosion.

As I previously predicted about the unusual weather conditions around the world, these conditions will continue for the next 12 months. Where it’s normally cold it gets extremely cold, and where it’s normally hot it gets extremely hot! Parts of Europe in particular will be affected.

Extreme climate change will worry scientists as areas around the world begin to show signs of eroding their beaches, along with ice caps that continue to melt at worrying rates. Several protests will ensue as this information becomes more available to the public.

Florida will experience some of the worst weather conditions since the 1960s. Many people will ignore the warnings, resulting in not only the loss of many homes but also several lives.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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