Scorpio Luck: Symbols and Items to Look For

Scorpio Luck: Symbols and Items to Look For
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How does your zodiac sign affect your happiness?

Most people know their zodiac sign, but did you know that your zodiac sign also affects your happiness? Luck is a great addition to the zodiac’s many gifts. As the year draws to a close, comes Scorpio. This sign loves to live on the edge, which is part of what makes Scorpio’s luck so unique compared to the other signs.

What brings luck to Scorpio?

With all this fiery passion, some people might find it hard to believe that Scorpio is actually a water sign. This is no coincidence – Scorpio is lucky to have such strong feelings. Ruled by Mars, Scorpio has a masculine energy that inspires determination, confidence and courage. While all of these traits bring Scorpio luck in the business world, Scorpios also have a keen intuition that gives them a deep sense of their interpersonal relationships.

lucky numbers

1, 7 and 13

Lucky Gems

Scorpio’s lucky gemstones are bloodstone and yellow sapphire.

lucky day

Sunday and Thursday

Happy color

The color that brings good luck to Scorpio is red.

Lucky tarot card

Given Scorpio’s flair for the dramatic, it makes sense that the tarot card that brings good luck to Scorpio would, of course, be the death card. Just as Scorpios are softer than you might think once you get to know them, the death card is also more positive than meets the eye. As the old saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. In truth, the death card better represents transformation and renewal. Appropriately, Scorpios always “kill” old versions of themselves to improve as humans, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Lucky Charms/Symbols

  • horseshoe
  • crescents
  • coins

Lucky element

lucky plants

Things Scorpios should avoid

  • Control zodiac signs like Virgo or Aries
  • Making impulsive decisions based on their emotions

Luck in Scorpio

Figuratively speaking, Scorpios go through life closed and burdened. The happiest thing about Scorpios is their drive. When a Scorpio sets his sights on something, nothing can stop him from achieving his goal. They are stoic in their beliefs. That’s strength, not necessarily tenacity, and it keeps Scorpios immune to criticism and approval from other people. They go their own way, regardless of what others think. As a water sign, they are fluid when faced with obstacles and can use their intellect to help them achieve the happiest outcome.

How Scorpios can improve their luck

  • Look for growth opportunities
  • Reflect and let go of the past

What Scorpio luck means

Scorpio happiness is rooted in determination and inner strength. When a Scorpio decides they want to achieve something, they will do anything to get to that point, up to and including finding their own path and making their own fortune.

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