Self Reflection Tarot Spread for personal use only

Self Reflection Tarot Spread for personal use only
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Can tarot help with self-reflection?

Tarot is a powerful prediction and evaluation tool. However, its benefits go beyond that. For example, tarot can also be a unique and powerful way to reflect on your identity and expand your self-knowledge

Below is a simple three-card spread that you can use for self-reflection. A spread like this is often best used daily, although of course you can practice this ritual at any interval that makes sense to you. It’s a quick and efficient way to see where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’re going, whether it’s in a specific situation or in life overall.

You may find it helpful to ask your angels and guides to join you in this process. Ask them to offer their insights through the cards and tell you what you need to know most right now. You might want to use it in conjunction with a personal journal. When you do this, keep your journal nearby, open, and ready to record your insights without any censorship or alteration. You will have time later to change your interpretations and make your final conclusions after you are done with the process of receiving and recording these messages.

So what kind of propagation is best for self-reflection? The simplest can sometimes be the best fit. Even a daily one-card draw can work well, especially if you’re short on time. These can be vague, however, so for a slightly more specific read, let’s look at a slightly larger spread that gives us insight into relevant elements from the past, present and future, while still being direct and to the point.

Three card tarot spread for self reflection

Blend well while focusing on the day ahead (if it’s morning) or the day you’ve just experienced (if it’s evening). As part of your self-reflection, be sure to also consider your actions and motivations at the moment and for the day. Place the cards face down in a deck and randomly draw three cards from the deck, let your inner self guide you. Place them in a horizontal line and thoughtfully turn each card from left to right, one at a time, to see what message your self-reflection has revealed.

Below are some examples of how this self-reflection spread can work for you.

example one

Justin struggled to find the best place to move. He was looking for a fresh and exciting place, ideally in a place with a warmer climate. However, Justin was struggling to commit and wanted to do some self-reflection so he could better understand his own desires. He asked the cards to guide him and received the following reading.

Card One: Where You’ve Been

Five cups

Justin had just experienced a breakup with Daniel, his partner of five years. He saw all the losses and none of the gains from this relationship and was stuck in a state of depression and confusion. This card encouraged him to see the good in his current situation, not just the negative.

Card Two: Where You Are Now

Six of Swords

He decided to move and start over. Justin hadn’t moved too much in his life and he wasn’t sure how best to go about it. He would receive help from a friendly “veteran” in many places who mentored him and helped him navigate the chaos calmly and competently. This person also became a romantic companion for him, whom he had not really counted on, but whom he very much enjoyed.

Card Three: Where You’re Going

The world

Working in the ESL field, Justin had a choice of national and international locations. He was drawn to the idea of ​​living abroad because he loved the novelty and adventure it promised. He also knew that many short assignments were possible in different countries and was drawn to the variety and range of opportunities they offered. This card promised that he would be supremely competent in such a situation!

example two

Patricia did not seek any major changes in her career or her location. She has been mostly happy in her long-term relationship. What she wanted was to get in touch with and develop her more spiritual side in her admittedly limited free time. She wanted to take this enriched version of herself to work every day and change the way she interacted with people and projects.

She began using the cards every day as a tool for meditation, focus, and self-reflection. They triggered happy and challenging memories in her and brought her in touch with her inner self, making her feel more stable and purposeful in everyday life. She found that she enjoyed the simple time she spent with her children much more and saw how fun and interesting her colleagues were as people, not just as cogs in the machine of their organization. Life just got deeper and more enjoyable as she slowed down to the speed of love.

Here is an example of the cards Patricia recently drew in her morning tarot reading for self-reflection:

Card One: Where You’ve Been

Ten wands

To put it bluntly, Patricia worked too hard and put too much effort into the wrong things. She became more and more burned out and enjoyed her life less and less, even though her position and income increased.

Card Two: Where You Are Now

The High Priestess

With the insights the tarot provided, Patricia realized that her life was lacking in spirituality. She started meditating and started yoga. She joined some online groups of spiritual seekers and experimented with different spiritual paths. She eventually settled on one that felt right to her and practiced it consistently. This allowed her to grow her intuition and have a voice in her management decisions, which helped her to lead with her heart.

Card Three: Where You’re Going

Three cups

When appropriate, Patricia celebrated the stages of life that she and her staff went through. Weddings, babies, promotions, and achievements were all causes for celebration. She developed a deeper meaning and carried out her usual managerial tasks in a new and more pleasant way. So she made a “new job” out of her old one and looked forward to work in the morning because she had learned to play!

Use of tools for self-reflection

Consider trying this self-reflection spread for 30 days and see how it works for you. If after a month you feel that Tarot has not changed your life for the better, another divination tool may be better suited for your self-reflection purposes. There are many to explore, so luckily there is almost certainly one for you if you want to find a tool to help you with self-reflection. Happy travels!

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