Spirit Encounters: Three Psychic Experiences

Spirit Encounters: Three Psychic Experiences
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Towards the end of each year, the veil thins, allowing the spirit world to mingle and make contact with the human world more easily than normal. During this time, psychic experiences and spiritual interactions are much more likely to take place and are generally stronger when they occur.

Of course there can be contact from the spirit world at any time of the year. When this happens, either during the thinning of the veil or at a point where the veil is becoming harder to penetrate, it can be a frightening experience, especially if you’re not sure what the spirits in question want. While some contacts can be subtle – through a feeling or a unique dream – others can be more disruptive. While there are some methods you can try if you want to solve the problem yourself, some people find these experiences too alarming to deal with on their own.

Many of the psychics at California Psychics are experienced in dealing with spiritual encounters. Below, three of our top psychics discuss an encounter they had with a ghost and how they resolved it for the benefit of all involved.

Editor’s Note: Some elements of these accounts have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Spirit encounter of the psychic Marin

Have you ever walked into a house or building and felt like the power was “off”?

This is the story of a former client, a single mother of three boys. She had just scraped together enough money to buy her first house. She loved the neighborhood she chose, with its deep-rooted trees and single-family homes that had other children living in them that her own children could play with. Unfortunately, upon moving into the house, she sensed something was wrong, but she ignored her gut reaction because she was simply relieved that they had finally moved in. For months the energy was changing in different places throughout the house. Breezes moved past her when no one else was home, and she felt like she was being watched at all times.

After ignoring this behavior for six months and wondering if her loneliness was playing tricks on her, her youngest boy woke her up one night and told her he heard someone in the house talking to him. That’s when she stopped ignoring the signs and decided to take action. She found me on California Psychics and called right away.

She asked me to use remote viewing to come to her house. This allowed me to assess the energy that was in the house and determine what message the soul was trying to convey. The spirit had lived there for many years. This was not a gruesome murder, but an elderly gentleman who had become very ill before his death and who still wanted to protect the beloved home he had built himself. This realization changed my client’s feelings about the situation. She now felt sorry for that spirit and wished to understand it.

It only took one conversation for this gentle soul to realize that the new owner posed no threat. Almost immediately, the paranormal activity and uncomfortable feelings stopped. The woman and her children still live in the house today and love it.

Psychic Marin, ext. 5113

Ghost encounter of the psychic Kerrigan

The most amazing affirmation in this world is when a spirit comes out of the spirit realm and interrupts a private reading. I’ve received several of these types of calls since returning to regular service with California Psychics.

Ghosts can emerge from the spirit realm at any time of the day or night. Remember that ghosts don’t understand time the way living humans do. Months for us could be just minutes for them. This particular reading took place at night. The caller was very frustrated and was looking for answers that would help her find clarity about her love life.

As we read, the energy in my room shifted. I felt an unmistakable and familiar paranormal chill. There was a physical pain in my chest and head and messages started coming through. I’ve felt paranormal cold a thousand times, but this one hit me so hard it took my breath away. I felt chills from head to toe.

I said, “Who’s here with me?” I didn’t want her to think I was crazy, and I didn’t want to waste her time explaining that I was talking to a ghost.

The ghost whispered its name – it was a disembodied Class A voice. I asked my client if she knew the name and she was very excited. She said it was her late husband. I could hear her choking with emotion. We both felt his presence strongly, even though this caller and I were many miles apart. He was with both of us at the same time.

She and I asked him a series of questions and we found out that he was okay with their date because he couldn’t physically be there for her. He said he wanted someone there to replace their lightbulbs. This was a profound endorsement as she revealed to me that the last thing her new love interest did for her was change all the lightbulbs in her house! I was in total shock.

Her husband told us he would send someone for her – although he said that when it came time for them to be together in the spirit world, she would have to forget about the earthbound friend who changes the lightbulb!

Psychic Kerrigan, app. 6245

Spirit encounter of the psychic Uma

Here is an encounter I recently had. A friend of mine told me that she kept seeing things in her house and she informed me that her room smelled of smoke even though nothing was lit or burning. It was like someone was watching her and her dog whimpered madly when he was in her room and cocked his head in different directions. After that I told her that I would come to Sage and clean her house.

As I started cleaning the house, I felt a cold sensation coming out of her closet. I entered the closet and could sense that someone else was with us. I was telling my girlfriend that ghosts often use portals and then lose their way back to the portal they came through and that was probably why her closet was so cold.

At this point she was so nervous that she decided to leave until I solved the problem. At this point the smell of smoke became very intense and I noticed that the sage was no longer lit and the smoke had completely stopped. I told the spirit that it was no longer allowed to stay in her house. As I spoke to the spirit, the closet light began to flicker. Knowing that this was a sign that the spirit wanted to communicate, I tried to pay close attention to the energy in the closet – but just then I heard my friend scream from the hallway of her bedroom. I made my way over to my friend and she said something was trying to close the door on her.

At this point I could say that the spirit was lost and could not find its way. I knew that it would be best for my friend and spirit alike if I continued to cleanse the room. I did, which allowed the spirit to move on and free him from his confinement in her home. She informed me that she no longer felt like she was being watched and that her dog no longer whimpered when he entered her room.

Usually ghosts are just lost or stuck, and all they need is a little extra guidance so they can move on and find their way, even in the afterlife.

Psychic Uma, app. 7022

A ghost encounter can be frightening, but very few ghosts are actually malevolent. Just like living humans, most of them just need a little help to get where they want to go. If you think you are experiencing some form of spiritual contact, it may be a good idea to cleanse your space or discuss your situation with a psychic expert.

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