Stereotypes vs. Reality: Destigmatization of Psychics

Stereotypes vs. Reality: Destigmatization of Psychics
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Your Deep Secret: Faith in psychics or your own psychic abilities

You’ve felt it: the disapproval and teasing of friends and family for your reliance on psychics. Or perhaps your own psychic abilities have created prejudice and fear in those you care about.

Fortunately, some progress has been made in destigmatizing psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, and mediums. Executives, investors, medical professionals, and even clergy regularly consult psychics to identify future opportunities and learn how to take advantage of them.

However, some people still react with shock and contempt when psychics mention their profession. This is the result of stereotypes based on fear and a superficial understanding of what psychics do and who they are.

Three toxic stereotypes about psychics

  • Psychics are misfits. They’re crazy people who can’t get another job. You are not like the rest of us; They never do normal things like cooking, playing sports or raising children. They spend all day talking to ghosts because they have no friends.”
  • Psychics are power mad. They enjoy scaring and controlling people to make them addicted to their advice.”
  • Psychics are in league with the devil. Evil spirits tell them what to say and what to do. Psychics are like ‘guerrilla’ warriors, taking out the unsuspecting and cursing people for money or ‘just because’.”

People believe these stereotypes in part because of what they’ve seen in movies and TV shows for years: plots involving zombies, vampires, demons, mind control wizards, and other caricatures of individuals involved in the “paranormal.”

While every profession has its charlatans, most psychics do not fall into this category. Even very gifted psychics have missed a few psychic clues along the way, and they’ll be the first to admit it. No psychic knows everything, but some clients will call a psychic fake if they don’t get 100 percent accuracy, even if they get 95 percent of the information correct.

True psychic abilities are not magic; it’s actually a “normal” human ability that can be used in a positive and protective way.

What are psychics really like?

Psychics are ordinary, good people with the ability and willingness to see the person behind the surface impressions that clothing, social masking, and titles create. They have the ability to perceive and receive symbolic information, translate it into ideas and then words, and then communicate those words in a way that brings clarity and comfort to those seeking insight.

Just because psychics have a spiritual ability doesn’t mean they’re exempt from ever getting angry, disappointed, sick, or scared. Part of the psychic journey is to experience both what is typical and what is challenging in life so that they can empathize with and help in complicated human situations. They just want to help and heal human problems using whatever tools and gifts they have.

Sometimes helping and healing is uncomfortable, and sometimes what psychics see is traumatic – that’s why they need to do an energy cleanse before and after the readings. The asteroid Chiron, also known as the “wounded healer,” symbolizes how this works. By working with and through their own wounds, psychics help heal others. That working with others is the “medicine” for one’s own wounds, but does not heal them. Instead, they keep working so they can help others protect themselves from danger.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you can’t tell a medium by its “uniform.” Costumes and props are fun, but they’re just that. Psychics don’t necessarily float around in gossamer purple, sit surrounded by crystals in an esoteric sanctuary, act in mysterious ways, or even light a candle every time they give a reading. Some of the most spiritually evolved and effective psychics (and their clients, by the way) look exactly like businessmen, shopkeepers, or academics—because they are.

Conversely, I once visited a hair salon whose proprietor was dressed in black and red, was heavily tattooed, wore black fishnet stockings and had a “shaved” haircut. We chatted happily and I felt like I’d met a kindred spirit until she asked me not to use the word ‘chakra’ in her salon. She felt it came from the devil and was inherently offensive.

Destigmatizing clairvoyants: a long way

We psychics still have a long way to go before we can bring all of our skills and abilities into the mainstream. But more and more often there is a complementary fusion between the “acceptable” sciences and the psychic and metaphysical.

And remember, just because we can see what’s about to happen doesn’t mean our customers need to hear everything right away, unless they specifically ask for it. When we individually use our abilities in loving, positive ways, we can spread the help and healing just a little bit further.

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