Suicide, a spiritual perspective

Suicide, a spiritual perspective
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The first time I posted on this topic was in 2015.

I wrote about it publicly because in many of the psychic readings I was doing at the time, those who had died by suicide would come by to apologize and share their experiences with loved ones who were still alive.

Most of these messages focused on three main themes:

  • I am so sorry

  • I wish I hadn’t

  • I never meant to hurt you

I’ve never had anyone come through and say they’re glad they did.

These readings also revealed things that deceased loved ones experience after their transition to Spirit when they commit suicide, such as:

  • They may stay on earth for a while before passing into the light

  • There is no punishment, there is only rest

  • Sometimes they go further to help others spiritually

I wrote this post linked above in case someone has seen a relative commit suicide and didn’t have the means to do a reading. You could read this post and learn what I’ve learned and take comfort. My philosophy has been that if this information can help a person, it’s worth sharing.

I am again speaking on this subject as some readers are interested in hearing my thoughts on the subject.

So without further ado, here are a few more spiritual perspectives on the subject:

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When you are grieving or your life is going through massive changes, a permanent solution to a temporary circumstance is not the answer.

Angels, spirit guides and ancestors have all come through in my readings to say that it is important to keep going until you find joy again.

All circumstances in life are temporary, both good and bad. Even some of the circumstances that feel bad when you go through them end up having positive results.

For example, some negative experiences also help you become a light to others in the future as they go through the same thing, which is a common message shared in readings from loved ones.

If you are contemplating suicide, departed loved ones and angels have spoken up in readings to say whatever happens, whatever your experience, you are lovable and lucky, and that the most important thing you do in life is to seek happiness now.

That First Step into happiness is having hope. Please check out the blog: 10 ways to have hope when it feels like there is none to return to the place of positive expectation. It’s there when you need it.

Positive expectation and hope are similar as they are both emotions that make you feel that good things are yet to come – that things are out there worth living for.

The spirit world also believes that these are usually ancestors and angels speaking to them, there is a bag of joy out there for everyone and the commitment to finding it is often what keeps people from thinking about it to leave this earth voluntarily.

Second, others still love other people, especially people with a past – because we all have a past. A past can be endearing and non-threatening.

If you have a past I can be safe with you ’cause I have a past is usually the rationale there. This message has come through more than once.

Nextwhen suicide is viewed mentally, spiritually it looks like a lot of thick negative energy around a person’s body, like a heavy fog, in readings.

Sometimes this heavy psychic fog is due to the thoughts or emotions someone is experiencing. Sometimes it is due to the thoughts and emotions being projected onto that person from elsewhere.

In both situations, these negative thoughts that are not cleared or canceled can lead to a downward spiral.

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The Dalai Lama is right when he says that thoughts and emotions can disturb inner peace. We can often withstand physical ailments when we are mentally at peace.

It doesn’t matter where the thoughts came from or why they arose, but they must be lifted in order to arrive at inner peace, which is the upward spiral.

Luckily, you can lift that cloud of energy from thoughts and emotions and return to inner peace, sometimes quite easily.

In readings, a solution Sometimes giving thoughts that can lead to suicide is to say a few positive affirmations to direct your mind in a different, more positive direction.

Usually the spirit world also suggests some form of “focus on joy” activity unique to that person – it could be a cup of tea, listening to positive music, or even getting some fresh air.

A third solution the spirit world gave for these heavy thoughts is to just not worry about having a master plan right now. Just focus on the next right thing. Then the next. And then the next. Maybe it’s the next thing to grab a snack, maybe it’s stretching, maybe it’s the laundry. Whatever it is, just one step at a time.

FinallyFrom a spiritual point of view, in every reading I’ve given where suicide occurs, the spirit world does not advise it because it extends the suffering, not minimizes it.

Any person who voluntarily leaves this earth will be forgiven by the spirit world; However, friends and family leave behind great sorrow.

This is the main reason many who have gotten through psychic readings wish they had chosen to stay. If you think you don’t have friends and family to suffer, think again – one life touches many.

Okay, so these are some things I’ve learned about suicide while giving spiritual readings to both those who may be considering it and those who have on the other side.

May this bring peace to you or someone you love,



Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am also not a psychiatrist or psychologist. I am a spiritual medium. This post represents information shared by Spirit in readings I’ve given over the years and highlights common themes I’ve observed while keeping the client’s identity anonymous.

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