Tarot card for when you’re lost: how to reconnect with your soul and inner light

Tarot card for when you're lost: how to reconnect with your soul and inner light
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The search for direction

Have you ever noticed how we seem to get lost from time to time? Or sometimes it feels like we’ve never discovered our inner compass that lets us know if we’re going in the “right” direction, where our deepest self really wants us to go. Often one does not know where to turn. Candles, crystals, prayer, meditation, and nature are great ways to reconnect with that essence of energy and love that we call our “inner light.”
However, Tarot offers us a deeper level of consciousness. We resonate with the images that Spirit has placed before us in the dissemination and connections begin to take place. Awareness of our deepest selves is eased the moment we see the past, present and future in a clearer light. When we get back on the path to our purpose, we feel whole again.
Let’s look at an example of how this works.

Reconnect with your inner light tarot

This is a four card card to connect with the inner light within you. The spread is laid out in a square from left to right, with cards one and two at the top two corners and cards three and four at the bottom two corners.

An example of a tarot reading

One caller, Robert, recently experienced a breakup with a very important lover. At the same time, the company he worked for went bankrupt, then he had a serious health incident that drained his energy sideways. This is the spread Robert was given to answer the question, “What the hell is going on and what do I do now?”

Card One – What it means to me to return to my inner self

The Wizard

It meant mastery for Robert, knowing himself confident, controlled and skillful. His expertise in his field was impressive. He had disciplined himself with fitness programs, diets, and college courses that discouraged others.

But now he found himself alone, ill, unhappy and in financial jeopardy. He held onto the magician archetype as what he believed to be his true self. And in many ways it’s obvious that it was. His intelligence was an important part of his true inner light.

Card Two – Why it’s important to me to get back to myself

The emperor

Placing the Emperor in this position confirmed that Robert loved being independent. He loved sovereignty in his own world. This was often expressed positively in his life and work. He was self-determined and original in his work. He was resourceful to the extreme to meet his own needs. His busy parents taught him to think for himself and take care of himself from a young age, and this made him a self-sufficient achiever.
At a certain point, however, his autonomy became nonconformist and counterproductive. At that point he found himself in this dilemma when he called for a reading. He failed dangerously in looking out for his own interests and protecting his own well-being by using independence alone.

Card Three – How can I find the purpose that my inner light wants to show me?

Seven of Wands

Robert’s core belief that he must fight all battles alone was what this card showed. His belief that there was no alternative to this “truth” was at the heart of Robert’s standoff. Growing up, Robert had overly committed parents who made time for everyone and everything but him. He was left believing that asking for help, advice and attention was shameful.
His parents were involved in a lot of really important projects and Robert saw and admired that from a young age. He felt that the best way for him to be successful was to follow their behavior. And to a significant degree, it worked for him.
But… it wasn’t working for him now!
When he fully realized this, he made a developmental leap. He recognized that “authority figures” and peers could be his loving, supportive friends who wanted to help him succeed. He realized that asking for help and advice not only made his life’s “job” easier, but also helped him build relationships with those who would care for and care for him.

Card 4 – Why does my inner light still want to shine?


Don’t make the mistake of interpreting this card in the scary, limited sense of the word! It is very important to understand this map metaphysically. Mythologically and archetypally, the judgment process is what brings about spiritual transformation. It allows to reach a higher level by shedding the old and striving for something better.

As Psychic and Spiritual Teacher James Van Praagh reminds us, “We are spiritual beings having a physical, earthly experience.” Realizing this can bring about a fresh start and a “promotion” to higher levels of consciousness. Robert saw that the guidance of soul and spirit causes things to flow into channels of higher good on all planes of being; Body Mind and Soul.

Reaching inward, outward, and upward, he ascended to a closer version of his true self. The world reflected back his better, clearer consciousness with more success and happiness.

will this work for me

Yes. The ability to connect with our inner light is different for each of us. Each of us has our own set of tasks to accomplish and lessons to be learned along Spirit’s evolutionary path. Tarot is uniquely tailored to address each of us at our precise place of consciousness due to its adaptable and universal system of symbols. Why not enjoy and make the most of it?

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