Tarot cards that mean move on

Tarot cards that mean move on
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Departure into the future

Is something ending? Perhaps a relationship has changed, a job no longer fulfills you, a home just doesn’t work for you anymore, or a certain way of thinking or acting doesn’t seem to be doing what you want.

Sometimes it really is better to tie a knot and hold on to what you have. Occasionally, however, situations change due to unexpected events. Change is natural. The planets themselves are transitioning into new aspects and configurations, bringing freedom and expansion to different parts of life. However, that doesn’t mean you should always sit around and wait for things to get better on their own. Perhaps you will take matters into your own hands and initiate a change. In any case, situations develop and moving on is part of life.

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In a tarot reading there are several cards that can indicate that it is time for growth. These cards suggest that change is already happening – or is about to happen – and that you need to start moving on if you haven’t already.

Taking the plunge and embracing change can be a bit scary, but it’s something people have to repeat throughout their lives.

So when you receive a tarot reading about a difficult situation or other issue, keep an eye out for these cards that may mean you get on with life:

Ten of Swords

It’s the end of a cycle, but it’s not the end of the world. Yes, it may look bad now, but the darkest hour always comes just before dawn. As this new day begins, you are on your way to a better, more fulfilling life.

Eight cups

It feels sad, but a departure is necessary. Be thankful for the happy times and good memories, but walk away and move on. The way leads to something better. You just don’t see it yet.


Every death is followed by a kind of rebirth. Psychic mediums know that life and love are eternal. Growth is permanent, even if it meanders or spirals, so don’t let fear stop you from moving forward. Life is two steps forward and one step back. That’s okay – it’s a dance, not a race.


You will be taken to a higher level. Let go. Don’t delay changes you know are necessary. Keep looking ahead and up.

The fool

The Fool is a card full of paradoxes. You embark on one of the smartest journeys available to you! Continue with “Beginner’s Spirit” and a spirit of adventure.

The chariot

Your willpower and focus are great and will take you far. You are on the right track. If you keep going you will reach your goal.

wheel of fortune

Good luck is on the way following a recent drop in events. You are entering the peak of a cycle. Harvest the fruits!

Six of Swords

You will find a temporary getaway with someone else absolutely revitalizing. You have more help available than you know.

The sun

It’s a time of expansion. Solar energy gives you power. You have the vitality and health to pull off a new project and make it a success.

The star

Creativity and new ideas abound. A long-cherished wish comes true.

The tower

An abrupt change will work in your favor. It will feel scary at first, but eventually it will set you free.

The hanged

You win by letting go, moving on, and flowing with your greatest asset. Relax in the silence. Give up your need to control things. The universe is behind you.

Four of Cups (reverse)

A new look and some new changes in your thinking have helped you invent a new you. Show it to the world!

Ace of Wands

You’re moving on and you’re on the verge of a new beginning, whether it’s a new career, a new degree, a new job, or even a new state of consciousness. you start over

Eight of Wands

An unexpected Journey. Jump on the boat! Changes are happening quickly due to some unexpected news that you didn’t expect. Moving on can sometimes be better than staying the same.

Ace of Cups

A new relationship, a new child, or deep emotions will bring you good luck as you move away from the past. Your life will take a different direction as a result.

Ace of Coins

A new opportunity, job, or career will increase your wealth and set you on the path to a better life.

Ace of Swords

You will have some sort of mental breakthrough that will lead you to greater success. Your change of mind will cause your whole life to become something new.

Five of the Pentacles (reversed)

You have become your own savior! You see the light in the window and go in to accept the help that is offered to you. You’re done with any kind of victimhood.

Eight of Pentacles

Knowledge is your way out. Your new skills will be the vehicle for your success.

Do you have a growth mentality?

If you see one or more of these cards in a reading, it may mean that you should either move on or consider moving away from your current situation or dilemma. Don’t be discouraged or disheartened by obstacles on your life path. Focus on your growth, don’t get stagnant and stay connected to your inner self. When you do this, you can step down the path to your highest good.

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