Tarot cards that resonate with Aries

Tarot cards that resonate with Aries
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Tarot and the sign of Aries

Aries is the zodiac sign of people born between March 21st and April 19th. It is a fire sign, the element of initiation, closely associated with beginnings, ambition, courage and vitality. And as with all signs in the zodiac, Aries resonates with a wide variety of concepts and spiritually significant items, including psychic tools like tarot cards.

The tarot is a tool for introspection, self-discovery and enlightenment. While traditionally interpreted in the context of a reading or question, each card also has its own unique energy – energy that often aligns well with the different astrological signs. In fact, each sign in the zodiac circle has several associated tarot cards.

Remarkably, this includes not only the Major Arcana, but also the Minor Arcana. These cards, divided into four colors, relate directly to everyday life and experiences. While they may not be as famous (or notorious) as their Major Arcana counterparts, they can still provide valuable insight into their associated zodiac sign.

The sign of Aries is often associated with active traits—determination, bravery, and intense drive, to name a few—all traits that influence this sign’s spiritual equivalents. Tarot cards related to Aries emphasize these fiery qualities by connecting with the vibrant potential of this cardinal sign. Aries’ energy is as varied as the colors of a flame, from white hot to blazing red. The energy of this sign and associated tarot cards guide the gambit from emphasizing the importance of balance to burning out outdated thoughts and actions.

The emperor

The Emperor is a card that symbolizes the lust for life, self-determination and power of Aries. Self-control and self-determination, often associated with the Emperor, are key Aries traits. Furthermore, in traditional depictions of the card, the four corners of the imperial throne are actually decorated with rams’ heads, the iconic ram symbol. The Emperor is determined, steadfast, and loyal, all traits that this sign embodies. Much like the industrious Aries manages to scale mountains that seem to offer no footing, both the Aries and the Emperor card often seem to do the impossible out of sheer willpower.

The tower

Admittedly, the Tower has a negative reputation, as it means that change is definitely underway. However, what people sometimes forget is that this card is also about letting go of old patterns that are holding you back or leading to stagnation. This is how the Aries sign connects with the Tower. Individualistic and direct, Aries-born are rarely afraid of the new and unknown. As such, they resonate with the Tower’s changes and are confident that they can and will persevere regardless. For others, the tower might be a spooky symbol, but for Aries, it simply represents their attitude towards challenges and unexpected developments.

The King of Wands

With a fiery energy befitting the sign of Aries, the King of Wands is associated with the ambition and leadership qualities that Aries happen to possess in spades. In most depictions, the King of Wands is seated on a throne adorned with lions and salamanders (the latter being a symbol of fire in its own right). Like Aries, the King of Wands has a strong sense of self and is a powerful commander. You strive for success and are motivated by nature, almost always moving in a goal-oriented manner. However, in addition to these positive traits, the King of Wands and Aries also share the same weaknesses. When they are reversed or in a negative state, they can trample on others. They must pursue their goals without becoming reckless.

The Queen of Swords

Another card with royal symbols, the Queen of Swords is intelligent, self-sufficient, and honest – just like Aries. Just as fiery Aries tends to be intense, direct and assertive, the Queen of Swords can be blunt and to the point. She is not afraid to be her true self no matter how the world may react, and she is never afraid to defy other people’s expectations of what she should be. This fierce independence and honesty with one’s nature is fundamental to how Aries prefer to navigate the world.

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