Tarot Divination: The Best Cards for Revealing Secrets

Tarot Divination: The Best Cards for Revealing Secrets
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Tarot divination reveals what is hidden

Tarot fortune telling has been used for centuries and has spanned many cultures and regions around the world. The two groupings of cards – the Major and Minor Arcana – get their names because they reveal things that are hidden beneath conscious awareness. In fact, by definition, the word “arcana” means “mysteries and mysteries.” The Major Arcana are more indicative of archetypal realities and spiritual states, while the Minor Arcana are more revealing of what is going on in daily life.

What mysteries are revealed by tarot divination?

  • Who loves you and who do you love?
  • Who can you trust and who do you have to be a bit careful with?
  • Where are your talents and how can you recognize and express them more deeply?
  • Where will you live in a year?
  • Is there a child in your future?
  • Will this situation end well for you?
  • What actions can you take to ensure that a project you care about is successful?
  • Will your money go up or down in the coming year?

These are just a few examples, but there are endless things you can ask the tarot. Tarot fortune telling encompasses the entire human experience! In addition, for many who seek to reveal the unseen, there is the secret tarot.

The Secret Tarot is the name of a special tiny deck. The titles are written in four different languages.

The cryptic and mysterious images of this tarot deck have traditional meaning. However, it is so tiny that you could wrap your fingers around it to hide it. Its presence itself is a secret, even if you check it out in public.

Of course, any functional tarot deck has the ability to reveal hidden knowledge in skillful hands. So, without further ado, no matter what deck you’re using, here are the cards to look out for when it’s clear that things aren’t what they seem. Using tarot divination and understanding the meaning of these cards can show how to maximize the potential for the greatest good in important situations.

The best cards to look for during tarot divination

To quickly learn what is hidden in a situation, look for the following cards during tarot fortune telling. A mini tarot divination can be performed by drawing a card while focusing on a specific situation.

Two of swords

Someone deceived you. You might feel “bound and gagged” when it comes to seeing the truth clearly. Harmony is achieved through balance and diplomacy. The truth will set you free, even though you may fear it.

Three of the Wands

Your ship arrives, but you don’t yet know what it’s carrying. Patience is required. Let some things remain mysterious and trust the process.

The Hierophant

More will be revealed. In fact, everything is revealed! Look for sources that are tried and true. Centuries-old traditions may be the key to your dilemma.

The devil

This symbolizes deceit, turmoil and attachment to the material world of limitation. By honestly facing uncomfortable truths, you can heal and overcome anything.

The moon

A little madness reigns. Be careful not to let your feelings fool you. Pause before making decisions.


You move from one level to a new and better one. What looks like a “death” is actually a degree! Make friends with the unknown.

Ten of the Pentacles (reversed)

Be careful to avoid losses from waste and waste. Maybe you’re not looking at things from a long-term perspective?

Five of Pentacles

Don’t fail to see the helping hand reaching out to you. Withdrawal is not necessary. There is a light for you if you seek it.

Two of Pentacles

Don’t juggle more than you can handle or put on a false facade to gain acceptance. Otherwise, the confusion will last forever. By keeping your life in balance, you can juggle many things efficiently.

Queen of Cups

Your intuition holds the answers to this problem. A friendly ally is at hand, ready with sympathy and insight. She peers into her chalice, searching the world of spirit for your answers. She uses the power of love.

Seven of Cups

Don’t get distracted by fantasies here. They are often swept away by the ebb and flow.

Five cups

Don’t give in to the distortion of only seeing the losses in this predicament. Don’t wallow in “if only” scenarios. This will blind you to all the precious and beautiful things you can still enjoy!

Nine of Wands

Pay attention. If you don’t, you risk missing an important detail in every situation you deal with. Aim for relaxed attention.

Three of Swords

There could be infidelity from someone you trust. A situation promises heartbreak even though you may not see it. However, genuine and heartfelt communication with someone you love could prevent disaster.

Seven of Swords (Reverse)

Someone close to you is giving advice you can’t really trust. It could be a family member or a close friend. Stay respectful, try to stay calm and think for yourself. Listen and observe before making a decision.

side of the wands

Good news is on the way. Things are better than they seem!

Ace of Cups

Something new begins. You or a close friend may be giving birth to a child soon. A new company or project begins. It will bring you good luck.

side of the cups

Unexpected news that changes your spiritual awareness will show you what is really going on. A sensitive and thoughtful young person will give you the answers you need, and he can surprise you with his helpfulness and loyalty.

Keep a deck nearby

Whatever hidden facts you hope tarot divination can help you uncover, there is a lot to learn about the art. Fortunately, if you correctly interpret the images or consult a professional tarot psychic, tarot divination can guide you in finding the mysteries in any situation.

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