The 10 best cards in tarot reading at home

The 10 best cards in tarot reading at home
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Most of us “move” at some point for some reason. In fact, many of us will do it a few times in our lives. Tarot, as usual, can answer important questions about if and when, where, why and how we move, and what we are getting into when we do it. It can give us information about the price, location and condition of the property we are considering and whether it might make us happy.

While it would be unusual, if not impossible, to get every one of these cards in a New Home Tarot reading, getting several of them together is a strong indicator that positive changes are on the way soon! Even a question or two related to a “Move” question points the way to something promising.

Here’s a list of 10 cards to look for when asking the question, “Am I going to be moving soon, and is it a good move?”

Eight of Wands: Good news is on the way

Suddenly you see an entry, a sign or get a tip from a friend or acquaintance about an object. You investigate and find that it’s in your price range. It is within the parameters of the desired site. Your child would have a good school, it’s a shorter commute to work, and it’s close to the things you do most weeks. It’s also closer to various things you might want to try. The Eight of Wands brings you good news.

Four of Wands: A celebration is imminent

You want to tell your friends but think it might be too soon. They start planning a party, or maybe two: one for the move and one shortly after for the housewarming. A second New Year’s Eve? Any way, and it’s fun! Your energy returns. The Four of Wands say congratulations are in order.

Ace of Cups: A New Beginning and Overflowing Happiness

The air smells fresher; You start thinking about spring. Your food tastes better. People seem nicer. Jokes are funnier and it feels like a new cycle has begun. The Ace of Cups brought something new.

The Empress: She who puts everything in order

Your best friend volunteers to help. She has great ideas and is fast. Your furniture will blend into the living room as you envision the changes. You pack up the things you need and start moving. The weather cooperates and everything runs smoothly. The Empress goes ahead.

Wheel of Fortune: A stroke of luck

The price goes down. The seller wants to move on quickly. You throw in the devices that are newer and better than your current ones. The roof was redone last year, the gutters are clean and the lawn is manicured. The benefits just keep getting better.

The Moon: Deep Emotions

Although you haven’t moved yet, you dream about your new apartment and location at night. The synchronicity works and you see signs and symbols throughout the day. The address and zip code are always displayed in strings of numbers on your watch, computer or phone – sometimes even on billboards along the road.

Nine of Pentacles: Is the price right?

upright: When this card is standing upright, it looks like you are “sitting pretty”. Mortgage and rent payments aren’t breaking a sweat for you, and your financial situation is all right. This brings you a sense of security and serenity. Your free time will be pleasant in your new domain. This is a map of mastery and enjoyment in your surroundings.

Reversed: When this card appears in an upside-down position, it could mean that you need to organize or rearrange your finances. It could be a burden to be able to afford the house and the expenses could be unexpected. Find out as much detail as you can, and be on the lookout for balloon payments and rent increases.

Six of Cups: Good for the Kids?

upright: The neighbors look friendly. The street has signs saying “Children Playing”. There are no major electric power plants nearby. Thumbs up.

Reversed: Not so kid friendly. Barking mastiffs lurk behind rattling fences. Fast, ruthless traffic. Debris and unsavory litter all over the street. Hm… maybe not.

Six of Wands: It worked and we won!

A “win” is displayed. You are very well positioned in the competition. They are shown on this card riding high with the laurel wreath on their foreheads. The Six of Wands indicates that you are winning over other applicants who are interested in the property.

Ten coins: the possibility of many happy years

This card shows a good bet in the long run. After all, you don’t want to take off and move again soon, do you? This map indicates a strong probability that multiple generations live in this exact spot. The property is a good investment. You will reap financial and emotional rewards from this step.

Watch out for the spread

If you notice several of these cards in a New Home Tarot reading after asking for a possible move, chances are the universe is pushing you.

The details are revealed by each card’s position in the spread, its energy type based on its upright or inverted position, its strength based on its place in the major or minor arcana, and its overall importance. Happy new house!

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