The Benefits of a Past Life Reading

The Benefits of a Past Life Reading
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Many people wonder what lies beyond the physical realm as they struggle to find answers to life’s stubborn questions, especially when it comes to the ideas of rebirth and reincarnation. Fortunately, insights from your past lives can help you unlock solutions for the present. Reading past lives can be the key to understanding and unlocking your untapped potential.

Reincarnation is a word derived from a Latin term that literally means “to reenter the flesh.” It is aptly the belief that existence is a continuous cycle of life and death, in which the lessons people learn (or don’t learn) can either plague them in their next life – or set the stage for the new people , places and lessons awaiting them.

Past Life Readings vs. Past Life Regression

While they may sound similar, a past life reading is actually different from a past life regression in that regressions are more active on the part of the seeker than readings. During a past life reading, a medium uses their mediumship skills to penetrate the veil and follow the lines of a client’s life back in time to see which lifetimes are relevant to their current one. In a regression, the client is guided through a meditation that helps them re-experience and learn from their past lives in a visceral way.

How Reading Past Lives Can Help You

The belief that people’s present lives are determined by and intertwined with their past lives is becoming increasingly popular. Many people who have had Past Life Readings believe that their current condition is greatly influenced by their past experiences. It’s easy to overlook the impact of your past on your current life, but being aware of these influences can help you understand why you make certain choices or experience certain feelings.

Reading a past life can provide several benefits, including:

  • Improve your self-image. Knowing more about your personal history can give you perspective and clarity about events or things in your current life that seem out of place.
  • Recognize patterns and mental blocks in your life. Some cycles repeat themselves over several lifetimes. Recognizing these can help you take conscious steps towards personal healing and growth and breaking free from certain recurring problems.
  • Reconnecting with loved ones from other lives. Reconnecting with a trusted soul family can be deeply healing for all involved as it helps people remember their true connected nature across lifetimes.
  • Rediscover your soul’s true purpose, passions, gifts and talents. Some of your abilities may remain hidden between lives. Fortunately, they can be uncovered by reviewing your past experiences in a reading with a psychic counselor.

How to prepare and what to expect

Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for your past life reading will help you make the most of the experience. Many people find that speaking with a professional who is experienced in the field is beneficial as they can offer guidance, insight and reassurance. They can also help you release emotions and issues related to past lives.

Before your session, it’s important to think about the questions you want to ask. Think about how these newly revealed answers may impact your current life. You may also want to make a list of goals and favorite topics for reading. Here are a few other key steps that can help you have the best experience possible:

  • Set your intentions: Before your appointment, try meditating or writing down some specific intentions for the session. Ask yourself questions. What do you want to learn? Do you want information about a specific relationship or experience in your current life, or do you want to learn more about a specific topic from your past?
  • Let go of expectations: It is important to go into the session with no preconceptions. Each reading is unique and may contain varying levels of detail. This depends on how open you are emotionally, spiritually, and subconsciously to the information you are receiving.
  • Healing Focus: The primary goal of a past life reading is healing, so think of it as an opportunity to undergo positive transformation, not as an interrogation. The insights you gain during this time should not only focus on understanding problems from a different perspective, but also on learning how to apply these newfound insights in the here and now. Any knowledge you gain should ultimately be applied to self growth strategies that will help you create the changes you desire in your current life.

Read about your past life

Once you’ve had a Past Life Reading, it’s important to sit and think about the information for a while. Before you embark on a transformational or healing journey based on what your reader has shared with you, take some time to make sure their interpretation resonates with you and think about how this will affect you could affect your current life.

Your advisor should provide helpful advice that you can use to gain personal insights. This information can be further explored through meditation, counseling, spiritual coaching, and/or energy therapy. If reading (or your reflection afterwards) reveals deeper psychological pain, it is strongly recommended that you work with an experienced therapist or spiritual practitioner.

You may also want to consider writing down the lessons learned from your reading and its consequences. Then save those notes somewhere you know you’ll see them often, whether it’s your calendar or personal journal. This makes it easier to incorporate these ideas into your everyday life.

Responding to something discovered during a past life reading requires careful thought. Be sure to think about how this might affect those around you and be sure to make these changes with love and compassion for both yourself and others.

A psychological measurement can evoke a mixture of emotions such as excitement and nervousness. The truths you learn may not be the ones you want to hear—but with the right past life psychic, you can navigate life with all the insight and knowledge of your many past selves.

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