The Benefits of Grounding Meditation

The Benefits of Grounding Meditation
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Connect with nature

Recently several clients of mine have expressed their curiosity about grounding meditation. It’s a life-affirming and life-changing practice that has become hugely popular – and with good reason! But what is grounding meditation and how is it different from other forms of meditation? Read on, dear reader. And for more information on grounding meditation, watch Psychic Yeshua’s video below.

Grounding Meditation vs. Transcendental Meditation

Grounding Meditation differs from Transcendental Meditation in several ways, but the end goal is very similar. While transcendental meditation requires very specific postures, views, sounds, etc., grounding meditation brings a person closer to their body and the world around them. It connects them to a physical consciousness. In doing so, grounding meditation opens the doors of perception in many of the same ways that transcendent meditation does. The modern world is filled with noise and toxins that rage against the mind and spirit of the average person. It is extremely important right now to reacquaint yourself with your first physical home (your body) and the eternal forces of nature that are within you and without you.

Surround yourself with natural beings

One of my favorite grounding meditations is best done outdoors. If you live in an area where your connection to nature is difficult, I suggest you try this in a warm water bath or in a room full of plants. It’s certainly a good idea to have as many nature beings around as possible.

Comfort, privacy and tranquility

Grounding meditation, like almost any other type of relaxation exercise, is best done while wearing comfortable clothing and in a private and quiet environment. You can add very subtle music, but if you decide to add such an enhancement, please make sure there are no words or sudden changes in tempo.

Find your special place

As you prepare for your grounding meditation, find a place to visit whenever you feel the need. Make this a special place for you. The simpler and more subtle, the better. Fresh flowers, soft candlelight, or other unobtrusive additions can stimulate your mind, so the moment you see these attributes in future encounters, focus on meditation. The more frequently you practice this type of meditation, the easier it will be for your mind and soul to adjust from the noisy world to your private place of peace and healing.

Return to the Prime Powers

Once you have found your quiet spot, settle into a comfortable position and take deep, steady breaths. Repeat this action three times and close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. Relax every conscious part of your mind. Touch the tree or plant near you. When you are in your bath, you will feel the soothing movement of the warm water encircling your body. Allow yourself to remember the time when your consciousness was part of something much larger than your body. Back to the primal forces!

Sharing energy, receiving energy

Imagine the energy flowing from your core (the area near your navel) into the element you wish to share this grounding with. Feel how your energy is received. Accept and receive the energy that is being sent to you in return. All natural elements contain enormous life forces. Breathe in the energy that fills your mind and body. Be fully aware of this moment. Don’t project stressors like deadlines or responsibilities into the room. The world can wait for those precious few moments while you rediscover the power of this natural connection.

An ancient and eternal connection

As this exchange continues, you will feel the muscles in your body relax. You become more aware of your place and your power as you reconnect with this ancient and eternal connection. It only takes a few minutes and yet it can change everything that follows! As you relax and feel the energy within your being expand beyond the space your body inhabits, you will also begin to transcend into an awareness of grounded connection with all life.

Now release the energy in gratitude and true appreciation. Open your eyes and feel this connection! While this meditation will only last a few minutes, the effects of these precious moments can do wonders for your mental acuity and overall perception of your life goals and directions.

An ever-changing web

Grounding meditation can have numerous benefits for the mind and body, but I believe it has another important role to play as well. It lets our fellow travelers on this planet know that we have not forgotten that we are all connected. If you are interested in learning more about your life journey, call me and let’s see where these questions lead!

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