The best psychic tools for each zodiac

The best psychic tools for each zodiac
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Psychic Tools and the Elements of the Zodiac

The zodiac signs are each associated with either fire, earth, air or water, and each element has an inclination towards one of the psychic abilities known as the “four psychics”: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairvoyance.

There are many psychic tools, also known as divination tools, that can help people harness these abilities, meditation being the greatest tool of all. While each zodiac can use their particular psychic abilities with any tool that calls upon them, as you read through these tools you may find that you are drawn to many or even all of them. However, some may seem a little more natural to you than others. By reading through your sun, moon, and rising signs below, you can see which tools might work well for you. Have fun exploring!

An introduction to psychic tools

There are quite a number of psychic/wisdom tools. These include meditation, as mentioned above, intuition, astrology and numerology. They also contain many types of Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, and Angel Cards, as well as several cards for Native American Medicine, Sacred Path, and Spirit Animals. You can also use Runes, Tea Leaves (Tasseomancy), I Ching, Automatic Writing, ESP, Telepathy, Spirit Tablets, Premonition, Premonition, Channeling, Dreamwork, Divination, Remote Viewing, Book Pages (Bibliomancy), Bone Divination (Osteomancy). , Molten Wax (Carromancy/Ceromancy) and more. The list goes on and on for the adventurous.

A note to keep you safe, sane and protected during this work: Before using any psychic/divination tool, be sure to sit quietly in a meditative state and connect directly to Spirit. Ask for Spirit’s protection and guidance, along with the ability to see clearly the information you are given.

Psychic Tools for Fire Signs

The fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are blessed with an abundance of clairvoyance (French for clear knowledge). This means that information, ideas, insights, awareness, perception and all kinds of understanding just come to them out of the blue.


Possessing clairvoyance or clear knowledge, Aries can receive insightful answers in the form of oracle cards (easy to use for instant answers) and astrology dice. (You don’t need to know astrology to use these cubes, but they will help you learn astrological principles.) It may take a bit more patience, but many Martians enjoy working with fire and candles, or even larger portions of melted cubes of wax , as you might use in automancy/keromancy. Once the wax is melted and then hardened by either air or water, they can read the shapes and draw omens from them.


The lucid knowing or clairvoyant ability of proud sun-ruled Leo assists Leos as they channel their guides and life-guiding angels directly from Source. Big cats may also use ESP (or Zener) charts to sharpen their predictions, or even use dowsing or dowsing (rhabdomance). These are especially useful for finding things that have been lost and need to be found, like pets, water, and jewelry.


The archer’s gift of lucid knowledge, or clairvoyance, comes in handy when he has no other means of learning what he needs to know. This can be very helpful when they get caught in their often wild predicament. The Jupiter-born’s precognitive abilities protect them as they usually know what’s coming. Centaurs also delight in Native American spirit animal cards.

Psychic Tools for Earth Signs

The earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are clairaudient, French for clear hearing. This is the ability to hear what Spirit is saying to you, also known as the still little voice. They can also hear psychic messages from their angels and those on the other side. In addition, they often hear their names when no one is around, or they hear invisible footsteps among other sounds.


In addition to the Bull’s keen hearing (or clairaudience), which helps him hear what he needs to know from Spirit, those born on Venus also have a practical use for their sensuality in touching objects, called psychometrics. This is the ability to gather psychic information from anything they may be handling, holding, or in close proximity to. They also enjoy the tactile coin tosses used to gain insight into this ancient bearer of wisdom, the I Ching.


Virgos are intuitive by nature, especially for healing purposes, and their special ability of hearing clearly (clairaudience) can help them hear the Spirit’s guidance. They have a knack for using the pendulum which is very similar to the dowsing rods mentioned above. This can help them get much-needed information on any topic. You can also gain very useful insights from the Native American Medicine and Sacred Path cards.


The sea goat’s gift of clairaudience, or clear hearing, can be a source of great comfort to Capricorns, as spirit guides soothe them with loving words that they can hear alone, even in their darkest hours. The Saturn-born do very well with angel cards because their angels are happy to share insights through them. They enjoy the tactile feel of runes and like to use bibliomancy to their advantage.

Psychic Tools for Air Signs

The air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are blessed with clairvoyance (French for clear vision). This means they can literally see images, visions, or movie-like images in their minds. They can see into the past, present and future and in this way gain truth, insight and information.


Twins share the talent of clairvoyance, or clear vision, and are exceptionally good at receiving spiritual information through automatic writing. This can help them see the things they write about literally. The Mercury-dominated can also accomplish much with spirit tablets, including Ouija and other enchanted, psychic, or angelic tablets. They also tend to know how to use these tools wisely because of the Spirit’s guidance.


Those ruled by Venus are endowed with clairvoyance or clear vision. It is known that they “see” their beloved long before their meeting. They can also visualize things effectively enough to manifest them. Libras embrace telepathy quite naturally, especially with their friends and lovers. Many also enjoy practicing palmistry, which they usually do with the most positive and loving intentions.


The Water Bearer instinctively uses their talent for clairvoyance, or clear vision. This is especially true of remote viewing as they have a visionary ability to see what is really going on. They delight in accessing the Akashic Records through meditation. Additionally, they are amply blessed when using astrology, as it is a language that Uranian-Saturnians were born to be fluent in, in part because Uranus is proficient in astrology.

Psychic tools for watermarks

The water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the soul feelers of the zodiac. Her gift is clairvoyance (French for clear feeling). You have an inner radar that receives energetic truths and responds to even the featheriest touch of the mind, as well as the emotions and energies of other people, rooms or areas. They feel the air they breathe.


The crab may have a hard shell, but it’s tender on the inside and they can feel things deeply with their ability of clairvoyance or lucid feeling. You are empathetic and can, even unintentionally, feel the pain of others, including strangers. It helps them use psychic protection, such as stepping into an invisible force field so they don’t carry more than they can handle. Moon children generally have a lot of success peeking with a pool or bowl of still water. They may also be lucky with a crystal ball, and of course they use their intuition with numerology.


Intense feeling is the realm of Scorpio. They are born with a deep clairvoyance or clear feeling and must learn to work with it so their emotions don’t become overwhelming. Those ruled by Pluto-Mars naturally embrace mediumship, such as seeing and speaking with those on the Other Side. They also understand tarot cards naturally. (They often have particular success with the Universal [Rider] Waite Tarot Deck.) They have frequent premonitions that help them develop accurate knowledge of the future through their psychic abilities.


Pisces are born with clairvoyance or clear feeling, which is immensely helpful to them throughout their sensitive lives. The Neptune-born are natural mystics, often gaining great insight through dreams. (Edgar Cayce, who was a Pisces, used his dreaming abilities to guide and help others in amazing ways, and his powerful remedies are still used today.) Pisces can easily read the patterns in tea leaves (cupomania) and make predictions, by throwing bones. This is also known as bone casting (osteomancy) and is a practice commonly used in African and Asian traditions.

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