The characteristics of the 12 moon signs

The characteristics of the 12 moon signs
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The Power of Your Natal Moon Sign

Simply put, your moon sign is the astrological sign the moon was in when you were born. In astrology, looking at the placement of the moon sign, phase, and houses in your chart can reveal what you love and what makes you happy.

This sign shows the unique gifts you bring to the world with your emotions and energy. In addition, it determines how you relate to other people, and in particular it determines how you relate to the maternal and other caring figures in your life. In turn, it can also affect how you express your own caring tendencies, which affects how you treat other people.

The way you express your moon sign is ultimately your choice, giving you the opportunity to harness this emotional energy in both positive and negative ways.

Are there good and bad moon signs?

The Moon expresses itself most easily when in Cancer, where it rules, or in Taurus, where it exalts. All moon signs have so-called “good and bad” traits, and all moon sign energies can be used either skillfully or unskillfully.

The limiting traits of each moon sign can actually be better understood as possibilities that simply haven’t evolved and evolved yet. All moon signs have their own unique ways of contributing to the world, and all are indispensable pieces of the mosaic that makes up human life.

The positive way you express your moon sign can show how you nourish and encourage yourself and the world alike. This is how you can help those around you to thrive—and make yourself happier at the same time.

The moon through the 12 signs

Here is a short list of traits associated with the 12 moon signs of the zodiac. Find your own moon sign and your loved ones’ moon signs below:


Aries moons are brave and loyal, and they have the ability to act on their beliefs. They are independent, strong and warm-hearted. They have passionate emotions and they find it easy to express those feelings. Honesty, courage, and loyalty are common traits that Aries moons share, and they tend to be emotionally energetic and direct. Call an Aries Moon when you have an emergency and they won’t let you down.

Shadow Aries Moon: You can be selfish and egotistical at times. A “my way or the highway” attitude often makes it difficult for them to work together. You might want to have earplugs handy!


The Taurus Moon is sensual, grounded and musical. They are down to earth and great lovers of beauty. The moon is very strong here and tends to be a “gathering moon”. They love to keep in touch with plants, animals and people. They are masters at manifesting practical results, usually by applying their thoughts and ideas in concrete ways. If you have trouble finding their address, look for the most fragrant, colorful and comfortable house. This is theirs.

Shadow Taurus Moon: Unreasonable stubbornness is sometimes a trap for Taurus moons. When they become dogmatic, their thoughts, words, and actions can be unimaginative and rigid.


Gemini Moons are colourful, fun and cheerful. They are brilliant communicators and masters of connecting and networking. They shine with intelligence and resourcefulness, making them natural entertainers. People love their inventiveness and sense of humor! Usually you have to pay a lot of money to get that many laughs.

Shadow Gemini Moon: They can be a little fleeting and disingenuous when running away from a true connection.


The Moon is in its natural home in Cancer. Cancer moons are the nurturers of the world. They are affectionate, caring and very emotionally responsive. They are brilliant nurses, doctors and healers – no matter what their profession. Your heart is “home” for many people. They might cook for you on a first date and they would probably love it if you did the same for them!

Shadow Cancer Moon: When they become pampered and moody, their nurturing skills turn inward.


People with their Moon in Leo are royal rulers who are generous and loyal to their loved ones. They enjoy pomp and luxury, but are also generous and devoted. They give the people around them everything that makes them happy. They feel a responsibility to the people in their world and want their loved ones to thrive and have what they need. Yours will be the biggest and best birthday present at your doorstep.

Shadow Leo Moon: They believe they always know what needs to happen and they tend to assume they are always right. Wear your sunglasses.


The Virgo Moon is service-oriented and practical. They want to make a real, tangible difference in the lives of the people they love. In addition, they are excellent at dealing with technical things and love details and precision. They love small animals and often have many loving pets. They will help you grow your herb garden and make you a great cup of tea!

Shadow Virgo Moon: Vulnerable to micromanagement. Their tendency to overanalyze situations can paralyze them.


People with their Moon in Libra are masters at working together and working on their partnerships. They love harmony and fairness. They are known for their sophisticated speech patterns and thought processes. They understand the power of the written and spoken word. They possess the ability to create beauty in human communication with their tact and diplomacy. If you can copy how a Libra Moon manages its interactions, you will make many friends.

Shadow Libra Moon: When imbalanced, they tend to be indecisive, insecure, and insincere.


Scorpio moons are intense, magnetic, and mysterious. They are known for their ability to handle situations that are otherwise extremely scary and difficult. They persevere despite setbacks. Their insight is penetrating and powerful, and when they care about a goal, they are relentless. You can help yourself and others through transformations as drastic as life and death. In addition, they are unceasingly loyal to the causes and people they deem worthy, and they have the ability to earn and keep the trust of others. You are imperturbable!

Shadow Scorpio Moon: All-or-nothing thinking can lead to skewed decisions. They can be secretive and suspicious.


Sagittarius moons are adventurous, generous, and honest. They are open-hearted and open-minded as their philosophical mindset tends to be both tolerant and inclusive. They inspire other people with their teachings and writings because they love to learn themselves. Ask her anything! You probably know a lot about it.

Shadow Sagittarius Moon: The shadow Sag Moon wears the clown mask even if it is inappropriate. They can be random and accident prone.


People with their Moon in Capricorn are dignified, traditionally minded, and often classically conventional. Your thoughts and feelings run deep. You are willing to work hard and be patient, possess a strong sense of responsibility and a love of excellence. At work, you’ll almost certainly find them in the CEO’s office (they’re probably the CEO).

Shadow Capricorn Moon: Your love of excellence can sometimes turn into a superiority complex. A slavish adherence to tradition keeps them in emotional knots, especially when obsessed with their reputations.


People born with their Moon in Aquarius have a knack for objectivity and think outside the box. They are visionaries and true individualists, love the special and innovative and always celebrate diversity. Many Aquarius moons develop strategies to create a better and fairer world. When you join their team, you have joined all of humanity.

Shadow Aquarius Moon: They can act eccentrically for shock value and attention. Although they love humanity, they can sometimes be indifferent to their friends and family.


Pisces moons are sensitive, gentle, and kind. They often possess psychic insight and can make great mediums. They are willing to make sacrifices for the people they love and are known for their creativity and imagination. They are the true artistic geniuses of the earth, although their inspiration certainly cannot appear of this world.

Shadow Pisces Moon: Confused thinking can lead them to inaction. When they feel imbalanced or when they cannot cope with their psychic imprints, they can develop a propensity for martyrdom.

Use your moon sign

Simply put, the more deeply you understand and express your moon sign and those of other people, the more you can encourage positive developments in life. When you know what really makes people tick, you know how best to help them find happiness and enable you to manifest success and joy for everyone around you, including yourself.

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