The dating profile of each zodiac sign

The dating profile of each zodiac sign
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Encounter with the Zodiac Online

Over the past few decades, people have found new, digital ways to meet, connect, and grow. Applications like Slack and Teams have changed the way people communicate in the office; DMs and SMS have changed the way people keep in touch with loved ones; and dating apps, for better or for worse, have given people the opportunity to meet new romantic partners they might not otherwise have been able to find.

You can learn a lot about someone from their dating profile, and there are as many different types of dating profiles as there are people. However, if you look to the stars for support, you may find that the dating profiles of people born under the same zodiac sign share some common elements. Finally, personal presentation and behavior are often influenced by a person’s astrological placement.

However, remember that your natal chart is more than just your sun sign. Things like your Moon, Mercury, and Venus placements can have a big impact on how you approach both romance and communication. Additionally, the astrological houses these planets are in can also dictate a person’s attitude towards relationships in general. Looking at all your rankings is always the best way to get the full picture!

Aries is looking for a new experience

Aries is the youngest zodiac sign in the wheel of the year and as such embodies many qualities associated with youth, curiosity and originality, such as anger and passion. Her profile likely reflects her sense of adventure and willingness to be bold. An Aries might want to go rock climbing or attend a concert as a first date, and they’re not afraid to make the first move. Aries may not be the most romantic of zodiac signs, but they do appreciate having someone along for the ride as they make memories. This sign is all about the experience!

Taurus seeks comfort

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Therefore, people born under this sign can be incredibly romantic and have an eye for beauty. You are also an earth sign and one of the most grounded zodiac signs out there. A Taurus will likely be wary of creating an account on a dating app. They usually prefer to make profiles that have a clean, minimalist aesthetic. They may also mention their favorite books or meals, and their profile may indicate that they would like to cook a romantic dinner at home as much as they would spend a day at an art museum.

Gemini seeks intellectual stimulation

Gemini is a mutable air sign — and it’s perhaps the most mutable sign out there. This sign is symbolized by Gemini and shows their ability to portray multiple different personalities, all reflecting different sides of their inner selves. Geminis want to make people feel cared for. They are usually willing to message first in the app and they can compliment your photos. Ruled by Mercury they will try to impress you with their wit and intellect, nameless authors, philosophers and musicians in their dating profiles.

Cancer wants to be taken seriously

Cancer is the cardinal water sign. Therefore, most people born under this zodiac sign know what they want and are not afraid to be open about it. Cancers tend to be either over or under romantic, and their dating profile will likely reflect that fact. If you’re looking for “The One” it will be obvious right away. However, if they say they’re not looking for commitment, it’s best to take them at their word. Regardless of how serious they are about the future, Cancers always want to have a good time, and they will do whatever it takes to make the person they are with feel special and wanted.

Lion makes a splash

Leo likes a bit of spectacle. A solid fire sign, they have a strong sense of conviction and aren’t shy about showing it. Your dating profile will likely mention your social and political viewpoints. They don’t mind being the center of attention and often use this to spread their passions to other people. Leos also love beauty and luxury, so their dating profile will likely have pictures of them out on the town dressed like the Nines. That way, Leo lets you know exactly what kind of night you’re looking for, so let the pictures tell their story and draw you in.

Virgo wants to meet her match

Virgos know what they like, and their confidence attracts others. You have a game plan. Accordingly, as you can imagine, they have Game. They know how to present themselves well and their dating profile is no exception. They use their most flattering images, feature the most interesting places, and hint at their varied interests through quotes, background articles, or photos of their favorite things. If you’re careful, a Virgo’s profile has all the information you need to pass their test.

Libra has a lot of love to give

Libras love to love, and they love to make other people feel special and unique. They are the epitome of “personally better” as they tend to have minimalist dating profiles. Luckily, they should still have some cute pics, and at least some of their aesthetic should be visible. This lets you know what kind of music and fashion they are into, but their real talent is bringing out the best in others. If you spend time with a Libra, you will be infatuated. Getting a Libra to calm down, however, could be difficult. They are happiest when they are constantly meeting and connecting with new people.

Scorpio is high intensity

Scorpios are mysterious, and as such their profiles probably give nothing away. You might find a candid shot, a picture of pets they have, a photo of their friends, and maybe a blurry picture or two. There is something enticing about the unknown and unattainable, and Scorpios use that to their advantage. They can be very loyal and romantic, but they rarely show that on their profile, especially compared to the other water signs.

Sagittarius is unique

A Sagittarius wants to show you that they are unique, interesting, and playful. They may opt for a more minimalistic look on their dating profile, especially if they think they can captivate you with some quick conversation starters. Sagittarians are always ready for adventure, travel and new experiences. They bond best with a partner when they have a shared experience to remember and reflect on. You need extra stimulation to feel the thrill of love. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone and make memories.

Capricorn demands respect

Always handy, Capricorns are great at calling the shots and giving directions. Their dating profiles reflect this fact. They’re not the type to play games or leave subtle clues that you can find. Capricorns will honestly say what they are looking for. This can be anything from casual fun to a long term partnership depending on where they are in life. Her photos reflect both her values ​​and her lifestyle, so take what you see seriously. They will appreciate it if you send that same open energy back to them.

Aquarius wants to be surprised

Aquarians have a reputation for going with the flow, but the water bearer is not a water sign. Despite the name, they are an air sign! It is therefore more accurate to say that the Aquarius-born create the flow instead. They are the wind, not the water, and they are a powerful force. Aquarians aren’t afraid to show off their quirky side because they want to attract other like-minded weirdos. On their dating profiles, you might see photos from music festivals and camping trips in the car, or of them in cosplay and crazy makeup. They see the indicators of what they are looking for in a partner.

Pisces are dreamers

People born under Pisces are givers, and they will often mix their caring nature with a bit of Neptune’s mad influence. They are dreamers, artists and creative people. They have high expectations of romance and tend to desire a partner who can indulge in their mutual obsessions. A Pisces dating profile will likely mention music, art, or literature. They enjoy spending a cozy evening at home over dinner just as much as going to a concert and dancing. It all depends on the society they are in.

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