The difference between twin flames and soul mates

The difference between twin flames and soul mates
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Understanding twin flames and soulmates

A few terms have emerged in the cosmic mist that seem to encompass the meaning and scope of two different types of relationships.

The terms “soulmate” and “twin flame” both have a unique spiritual power. They relate to certain, often powerful, connection patterns that other relationships don’t have, no matter how loving and comfortable they may be.

Compare and contrast

But then the question arises, how to tell if someone is either a soulmate or a twin flame. Also, it raises the question of how to differentiate between the two and tell which is which. Finally, once you know, you can work within these relationships to maximize your happiness and spiritual growth.

Fortunately, there are clear similarities and differences between these two types of dynamics. With a little discernment, you can easily tell if someone is a soul mate or a twin flame.

The Similarities Between Twin Flames and Soulmates

1. The connection is particularly deep and intense.

In either type of relationship, the bond you form will be extremely strong. This also applies if you are physically separated or lose contact for a long time. When you reconnect, you pick up right where you left off. It will almost feel like you’ve never been apart.

2. You always learn something important from them.

Both soulmates and twin flames teach a lesson of sorts. Sometimes you might not like what you learn. However, it will always reveal something about your soul and it always gives you a chance to engage in self-acceptance and growth.

3. It’s not always romantic.

Though often (and incorrectly) viewed as inherently romantic, a soulmate or twin flame can also be a relative or friend. What sets them apart from the rest of your family, friends, and potential romantic interests is the unique connection you feel with them. For you, they stand out from the rest. A good clue is whether or not you secretly consider them your “favorite” relative, friend, date, or life partner.

The differences between twin flames and soulmates

1. You can have multiple soulmates, but you can only have one twin flame.

Your twin flame is actually your other half! It is the result of a past fission that somehow caused your soul to split in two. Meeting your twin flame will feel like reconnecting with a part of you that has been missing or lost for a long time. In contrast, your soulmate is a separate entity from you.

2. Your twin flame is your reflection, but your soulmate is your complement.

Meeting your twin flame can have the uncanny effect of making you feel like you’re looking in the mirror. Indeed, the degree of your Gemini’s astrological Ascendant, or natal Sun, is sometimes linked precisely to yours by sign and degree. The probability of this happening is relatively small, but it always means something big. After all, your most basic identities are the same. While your twin flame will be almost unnervingly similar to you, your soulmate’s positive and negative traits can be very different, although they may complement each other.

3. Communication is easier with a twin flame.

Typically, you will find that you fully “get” your twin flame. They know what they love and hate, what they need and want, often without having to talk about it. Soulmate relationships are different. With your soulmate, sometimes you have to work hard to understand them and vice versa! That’s not a bad thing; it is a product of the fact that they are an individual in their own right. Also, they came into your life partly to challenge you! This dynamic may be frustrating at times, but you will still love her dearly. Most important is how you and your soulmate help each other grow spiritually.

Make the most of it

People sometimes wonder if they should marry their twin flame. The answer to that question is maybe, but only if you really, really love yourself first. After all, living in a room full of mirrors all the time can get a little crazy!

However, if you have done a lot of healing and have a solid sense of self-love and self-acceptance, marrying your twin flame could help you find a sense of wholeness and peace that would not be possible with anyone else.

But what if you’re looking for someone who’s strong where you’re weak and weak where you’re strong?

In this case, marrying a soul mate is probably a better idea than marrying your twin flame. Being with your soulmate will still bring you a deep, everlasting connection — but your partnership styles will be complementary, not identical.

It’s also important to note that some people prefer to avoid a long-term romance with a soulmate or twin flame. They don’t want to deal with the kind of intensity that this kind of connection brings, and that’s totally fine! Many people would rather have an easy and breezy partnership that involves common interests and there are many loving people in the world to choose from.

After all, it’s true that some people prefer not to have a lasting relationship. Her soul’s agenda in this lifetime is to find autonomy and self-discovery outside of a committed relationship.

Regardless of whether you decide to have a romantic relationship with your soulmates and twin flame, they can still be in your life. Finally, as said above, these connections can also be platonic. They will still be fulfilling while still giving you the freedom to pursue the romantic relationship style that works for you.

However, when trying to make the most of a soul connection, it is advisable to tune into your guides, your angels and your personal spiritual energy. Listen to the messages you receive and take them seriously.

How do you know?

If you feel a magnetic force pulling you toward someone in ways you can’t explain, you may have met your soulmate or twin flame. They can leave you feeling challenged, comforted, confused and out of control – all signs that you may be on a very important journey of spiritual discovery. Likewise, they might make you feel deeply inspired. You may find your doubts and insecurities mounting, but synchronicities will always bring you back together. This is probably because you are being transported to a whole new level of spiritual knowledge and growth. Whether it’s a soulmate or a twin flame, get ready for a wild and exciting ride!

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