The Meaning of a Butterfly: Butterfly Symbolism

The Meaning of a Butterfly: Butterfly Symbolism
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The meaning of an appearing butterfly

Hummingbirds, butterflies, and even ladybugs have long been recognized by many as messengers of Spirit. Like the bright red plumage of the male Red Cardinal, the butterfly comes in an array of hard-to-miss colors that will make you sit up and take notice! They often fly persistently around you or in your field of vision to get your attention. This may make some people wonder: What exactly does a butterfly sighting mean? Well these butterflies generally want you to see them because they are most likely a visitor sent by someone on the other side or a message from the universe. So when discussing the significance of a butterfly sighting, it’s important to acknowledge all of the different things they may be trying to communicate.

Wings that carry the whisper of the spirit

If you believe that butterflies are messengers of Spirit, then you are probably seeing them at a time when you have been talking or just thinking about your loved one on the other side. In this case, the significance of a butterfly sighting could be that your deceased loved one has something to say to you. They may feel that you need their guidance. People often seek guidance in the spirit realm as those who have crossed over often possess wisdom and knowledge that people of the earthly realm do not have.

Since butterflies don’t speak human language, how can they communicate with you? One possible meaning of a butterfly sighting is that your loved ones are present. It’s not an actual spirit that has temporarily hijacked a butterfly’s body.

Manifest a butterfly

So why might spirits send a butterfly instead of coming themselves? Unfortunately, a spirit takes a lot of energy to manifest, and even if it did, it wouldn’t take very long. Also, how would you react if a spirit manifested right in front of you? A frightening sight for many! If they had the opportunity, they would prefer a butterfly visit instead.

Bright colors

Spirits choose colorful things of beauty because they know they’re hard to miss. Could you ignore an orange butterfly fluttering around your head or landing on something right in front of your eyes? This type of messenger seems to attract people’s immediate attention; However, the communication part comes directly from Spirit. It’s a kind of psychic connection that brings you peace and contentment.

The symbolism of the butterfly

Butterfly sightings symbolize transformation and resurrection. According to “…pictures of butterflies can be found in almost every hospice. This symbol is also used extensively by many grief counselors, spiritual centers and bereaved support groups.” Even people who have never in their lives mentioned their own butterfly sighting will send these winged messengers to say they have reached the other side. What better messenger than the butterfly to let loved ones know that they have passed from an earthly being to a spiritual being and that they are doing fine?

Traditionally in Japan, a white butterfly is seen as the soul of one who no longer lives in the earthly realm. Similar beliefs exist in many cultures around the globe.

Butterflies as spirit guides

Many of us feel the connection between the human and animal kingdoms and look to animals as guides who enlighten us and who give us courage, sensitivity, empathy and the many other qualities we will eventually need to muster. Whether or not you feel the butterfly is your personal spirit animal, you can still invoke its power when you are going through something that requires change, or when things are shifting and changing around you.

Changes occur frequently. It can be moving, changing jobs, or even losing a loved one. A butterfly sighting can help comfort people and help them accept that change isn’t always a bad thing, even if it’s not necessarily intentional. After all, change may not be easy, but it is inevitable. The meaning of a butterfly sighting can be as simple as a reminder that no one is in it alone.

to seek advice

When you are feeling lost, looking for guidance or just looking for inspiration, you can call on your angels and guides or simply ask a loved one for a sign. You may see evidence that they hear you right away (it’s not like a Chinese takeout), but you’ll get an answer. And when you get your answer, you’ll know! A butterfly sighting confirms your connection. The meaning of a butterfly sighting can be different and unique to individuals, but regardless, a visit to Spirit in some form can inspire and excite you. Most importantly, you can feel content, connected, and loved.

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