The most powerful tarot cards for beginners

The most powerful tarot cards for beginners
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Understand Tarot Spreads

Tarot is a divination practice using a series of cards that are drawn (generally while focusing one’s intention) and laid out in “spreads” that are believed to offer insight and guidance.

For those new to reading — or those who want to dip their toes into reading itself — it can be difficult to analyze the complexities involved in the art of tarot. Maybe you’ve wondered how a tarot user decides which spread to use, or maybe you’ve pulled out your deck and aren’t sure where to start. Whatever your reasons, learning tarot isn’t as daunting as it seems, especially once you get the basics down.

Here are three powerful tarot readings that can help you learn more about this ancient and much-loved divination practice.

Draw one card tarot

Many people would be surprised at how deep a tarot move can be with one card. Sometimes a direct approach really is best, especially when it comes to simple questions. The one-card-pull usually gives you a concise and clear answer, even if it sometimes takes a little longer to study than a more in-depth read.

Use a one card pull for…

  • Yes or no questions
  • Confirmation (or rejection) of what your intuition tells you
  • Guidance or help in deciding next steps

How one: Shuffle the cards, then choose one while concentrating on your question. Use more than the card’s traditional meaning to interpret your reading. Notice how the map feels when you first see it. Are you happy, sad, excited or something else? Trust what comes to mind and do your best not to overthink or second-guess that first impression. Do you hear a word or do you see a color? Look at the picture. Focus on the symbols and characters, the actions represented, and even the number associated with the card. You’ll find that you naturally focus on the most important elements of one-card reading – the ones that answer your question.

Three Card Tarot Spread

The three card face up is one of the most commonly used tarot face ups out there. It is popular with beginners and experienced tarot readers alike. A three-card spread can provide you with the answers to many of life’s questions and, as the name suggests, is excellent for three-part questions.

The three card spread can enlighten you on situations that can be broken down into sections such as:

  • past present Future
  • situation, action, result
  • Strength, Weakness, Advice
  • Where you are, where you want to be and how to get there
  • You, your other half (or how she feels) and your relationship

The possibilities are endless, which is one of the reasons this spread is so popular.

How one: For this reading, draw three cards and place them in a row. Remember that intent is important. In other words, it’s probably best if you don’t just draw one card and then change your mind and draw two more cards. Instead, make sure you draw all three cards with your intention of doing a three-card read. Assign each card a meaning or focus (e.g. past, present, future – or any of the examples listed above) and then pull them out one by one. If you focus on your questions in the order you want them answered, the cards will answer in the same way. Otherwise, the message may become cloudy or even lost altogether.

The Five Card Horseshoe Tarot

The Five Card Horseshoe Spread is another popular yet simple tarot spread used by both novice and advanced tarot readers. This spread is generally preferred by people who want more detailed answers or timelines, but don’t want (or need) to use a more complex 10- or 13-card spread to get their answers.

The five-card horseshoe is shaped like an upside-down letter “V” and is best suited for…

  • Specific Questions
  • Detailed answers in a relatively simple spread
  • Knowing how past and present influence the future
  • Questions about your work and/or love life

How one: Draw five cards and place them in an inverted “V” shape, with the first card at the bottom left, the third at the top of the “V,” and the fifth card at the bottom right. Focus on the purpose of each card as you draw them. The first card on this spread is about how the past has affected you and where you are now; it tells you something about your attitude and approach to the present moment. This flows well into the second card, which appropriately revolves around your expectations. It answers what you want and what your hopes are for the future of this endeavor. Now that you have identified and understood the current situation, the third card, which is the peak of the spread, informs you of any potential obstacles and unexpected issues that may arise or stand in your way so that you can prepare for the challenges. re about to face.

On the descending side of the spread, the fourth card is all about your near or immediate future. This map provides insight into how to proceed over the next few days or weeks (or maybe even months, depending on the scope of your question). Last but not least, the fifth and final card represents events a little further ahead in your journey. It is the distant future, after the focus of your reading has passed, and allows you to gauge your opinion on that likely path.

Finding Faith in the Tarot

There are many spreads out there, so many that you will probably never use them all. New spreads are constantly being created. Over time, you can even invent your own. However, mastering these basic spreads can give you a good foundation in tarot as you become more proficient and comfortable with receiving or performing readings. Remember that some spreads will appeal to you more than others and you should not resist the presence of “negative” or reversed cards in a spread. Each card needs to be viewed in context and can give you valuable insight into your own mind and future.

For more handy ideas for easy tarot spreads for beginners, check out this collection of tarot articles. Finally, if you need help interpreting or understanding your reading, a tarot medium can help you understand the message the cards are trying to convey.

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