The properties of the 12 ascending signs

The properties of the 12 ascending signs
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How subtle is your rising sign?

If you think your rising sign is hard to spot, the truth is, it might not be – at least not for those who know what to look for. Your rising sign determines your physical body, health, personal style, and self-expression. As such, it affects how you express your other rankings.

Your ascendant sign is the first thing you show others when you meet them and as such it is usually much easier to guess than your sun or moon sign as its clues tend to be obvious and obvious.

How to identify each ascending character

However, if you are still learning about astrology, there are some ascendant “secrets” that can help you identify the different ascendants out there. While it’s true that not everyone with the same placements looks or acts the same, these are some typical patterns or traits that can give you clues about a person’s rising sign – and are likely to show up in the way how your own rising sign is manifesting.

Aries rising

Aries Risings usually lead with their head and walk quickly. They often have bodies built for speed, not comfort. You speak fast and think faster. They tend to favor the color red when choosing clothing and accessories. Ruled by Mars, they are usually ready for action and just can’t resist a challenge. When you see them coming, get out of the way and return their friendly wave or they will get hurt because they are the zodiac “babies.”

Aries Ascending Mystery: They’re soft on the inside and strong on the outside, so treat them gently and they’ll always return the favor.

Rising Bull

Taurus Rising moves at a slow and steady pace. Their voices tend to be deep and melodic, so many of them are singers for work or hobby. They tend to look beautiful in earth tones and they generally exude an aura of sensuality.

The Secret of the Rise of Taurus: The presence of a rising bull can be comforting – unless you make him angry. Then watch out because you have to deal with an attacking bull!

Rising Twins

People with Rising Gemini placement tend to have nice hands, wrists, and fingers. They are super adept and very coordinated when participating in activities that require those body parts associated with Geminis. Their ruling planet Mercury gives them many captivating words, stories and one-liners. They love written and spoken language equally. They often look younger than their true ages and their movements are graceful and lively.

Gemini Rising Secret: Her eyes sparkle as bright as her wit. In truth, they have the most beautiful eyes in the zodiac.

Rising Cancer

Cancer Risings love their home and make sure they spend a lot of time there. They prefer cozy, warmly lit environments, especially when they have something to cook! They look pretty in subtle, oceanic colors, especially silver and aqua. Their faces are warm and caring, and they speak tenderly to the people they love. Their faces and bodies often reflect the mood swings of their ruler, the moon. For example, they will appear radiant before and during a full moon.

The Mystery of Rising Cancer: If you catch them in a bad mood, they might snap at you like a molested crab on the beach!

lion rises

Leo Risings tend to dress dramatically and richly. Her bearing is royal and upright. They love to be front and center in most situations. Even the quieter ones exude a steady and stately aura of confidence. They radiate a bright warmth and competence, just like their ruler, the sun. Her nobility makes her generous to the weak.

Leo Rising Secret: They don’t like being taken for granted. If not treated with respect, they become as icy and critical as your principal.

Virgo Ascending

Pay attention to flawless care and subtle colors. Your clothes will be neat and exude good taste. They have clear eyes and intelligent qualities. Her movements are precise and efficient. Think of the perfect nurse, doctor, or surgeon performing their duties and you get a picture. They tend to react coolly to loud, bright colors and intrusive people who interrupt their thought processes. They get the job done in record time and often outperform everyone else around them.

The Mystery of the Ascension of Virgo: People with an ascendant Virgo are often very creative and artistic. Her talents are subtle, nuanced and highly sophisticated!

Libra rises

Ruled by Venus, Libra Risings are among the most attractive people in the zodiac. Her smile is strikingly beautiful. Masters of diplomacy and tact, they are welcome anywhere, even acting as “icebreakers” within their circle of friends. You can act as a go-between, helping everyone get along even when others normally wouldn’t. With their balanced features (after all, they are the sign of Libra) and their good taste in clothes, they “go everywhere” well. If they’re very stressed, they may become overly talkative and hover over the candy a little too much. Otherwise they are usually the epitome of balance, tact and grace.

Libra Ascending Mystery: For all their tact and diplomacy, they love to lead. You are a cardinal sign after all!

The Rise of Scorpio

Scorpio Rising is enigmatic, intense and mysterious. People with this placement have penetrating eyes and x-ray vision when it comes to people’s intentions. They say the least and know the most. They are amazingly tough and have incredible stamina, especially when the going gets tough. Then Pluto, their ruler, really lets them shine. They often sport black, maroon, and deep gold, and these tend to be their most flattering colors. Born detectives, they can probably tell you exactly what you had for dinner last night. In addition, they possess deep compassion for those who suffer, a trait that is expressed through tangible kindness and caring.

The Secret of the Rise of Scorpio: Don’t cross these people; you won’t win

Sagittarius ascending

People with Sagittarius rising in their horoscope are always on the go and travel more than anyone else! If they cannot physically go anywhere, they will explore ideas. Jupiter, their ruler, tends to make them cheerful and cheerful. Don’t try to pin them down. They will make commitments when they really want and are willing to do so. Their speaking style can be quite philosophical and they can keep the big picture in mind. They tell the truth and expect others to do the same, even if it hurts. They love animals and athletics. As such, you will see them running or moving around a lot. Their rising sign rules the legs and shins, and theirs tend to be strong because they hate sitting.

The Secret of the Rising Sagittarius: They think best when they’re moving. Don’t pop them on in a stuffy office as the results won’t be pleasant.

Capricorn rises

Capricorn Risings often have an executive demeanor and demeanor, not just at work, but wherever they go. They tend to be a bit more chic and formal than most other people. They will also command more listening ears with their calm and cautious authority. Saturn, their ruler, gives them the wisdom of experience even when young, and their self-discipline generally earns them widespread respect. Their business clothes are their favourites, which they sometimes even wear on weekends.

The Secret of Capricorn: On weekends and after work, these people are some of the most sensual in the zodiac!

Rising Aquarius

Aquarius Risings begin sentences in the middle and can then go either way depending on where Uranus, their ruler, sends them. They are brilliant, exciting and unpredictable. You love ideas and technology and have a knack for both. Her hair, makeup and clothes will be crazy, original and sometimes shocking! They are innovators and inventors and abhor boredom.

The Mystery of Aquarius Rising: For all their originality, they seek structure and routine (as long as they can establish it themselves) because they are a fixed sign and their ancient ruler is Saturn.

fish rise

To recognize a fish rise, look at the eyes. You will be dreamy, deep and full of mysteries. They may be a little smaller and more petite than most people and they tend to sport soft and mystical shades of aqua, purple and silver. They love flowing, comfortable clothing and are drawn to art, music, and charity. They can actually read you, so it’s wise to pay attention to what you’re thinking. Seriously, they are the closest thing to angels and earth spirits that have ever walked the earth.

The Mystery of the Rising Fish: This rising sign can produce brilliant scientists who get their hypotheses in a dream!

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