The spiritual significance of a bat sighting

The spiritual significance of a bat sighting
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A bat sighting

If you look up at the sky at night, you might see a bat fluttering overhead, silhouetted against the moonlight. But what exactly is the spiritual significance of a bat sighting? Bats – either in real life or in pictures – can have great meaning. However, like the crow and the wolf, bats can often be misunderstood. Let’s talk about what the spiritual meaning of a bat sighting might be for you.

What is a bat?

Bats are the only true flying mammals on earth. While the smallest species of bat has a wingspan of six inches, the largest species of bat has a wingspan of nearly six feet. Bats can be found all over the world. Although not kept as pets, many people choose to build “bat houses” in their gardens to welcome these nocturnal visitors. Most bats live in large colonies. Like their fellow pollinators, the bees, they can be seen as a symbol of community involvement, fertility, and selflessness.

Although often associated with vampiric folklore, only three of the 1400 different bat species consume blood. Even then, these bats prefer to drink from cattle—not humans! Although vampire bats have a bad rap, they’re actually known for being incredibly nurturing. For example, like many other mammals, vampire bats tend to the sick, old, or orphaned young in their colonies.

The History of Bat Symbolism

After a natural cycle of consumption and rebirth, bats emerge during the harvest months to feed on insects attracted by the light from humans’ bonfires. After feasting, they last through the winter. This “dance” around the flames was noted by the Celts, who believed bats represented spirits and fairies. Some Native American tribes viewed the bat as a shaman, while other tribes viewed the bat as a trickster spirit. The Zuni believed that bats signaled approaching rainstorms. In China, bats have always been considered a good omen. They were considered good luck charms, especially when seen in pairs. A pair of bats symbolize Shouxing, the god of longevity.

Interestingly, bats have been around for about 50 million years and they can live up to 20 years – a long lifespan indeed! As with a four-leaf clover, the sight of four bats is considered a lucky charm. They represent long life, good health, financial security and peace.

Because they sleep in dark areas, ancient people thought that a bat’s spiritual meaning was related to death and the darkness that surrounded them. Bats often nest underground, in temples or ruins, and in places normally left undisturbed, such as cemeteries.

Are Bats Dark Omens?

The spiritual significance of a bat sighting isn’t always something dark and spooky. These winged creatures of the night can conjure up thoughts of Halloween or Samhain, but the spiritual significance of a bat sighting can also be positive. Thanks to their echolocation, bats, for example, have an excellent perception of the world around them.

Therefore, the spiritual significance of bat sighting could be that you possess a strong ‘second sight’. If bats are a recurring theme in your life, it could indicate that you are gifted with divination skills or insight into the spirit realm. Likewise, it is no coincidence that bats are associated with Halloween and Samhain, and appear at a time when the veil between this world and the afterlife is at its thinnest.

Dream about a bat

Sometimes a midnight visit from a bat happens when you’re not even awake. What is the spiritual meaning of a bat sighting if it happens in a dream? Well, in dreams, entities that can fly generally bring warning statements. Since bats are associated with fear, seeing a bat in a dream can mean that you need to think about your fears. If the bat in your dream is biting or attacking you, you may have to face your fears before you can move on.

If bats are flying over your head in your dream, then there may be fear or uncertainty on the horizon. On the other hand, if you dream of a friendly bat or if your bat dream is playing during the day, your dream may be showing you that fear has no power over you and that your confidence is not to be trifled with.

The bat as a totem and power animal

As a totem or power animal, a bat’s spiritual meaning can be freedom from fear. Bats, like birds, are connected to the soul and spirit world, particularly in relation to natural darkness. Choosing the bat as your totem can be helpful when deciding to choose a new path in life or letting go of old thought patterns. Having the bat as a spirit animal can also indicate that one accepts or does not fear death. The bat spirit accepts death and darkness as the perfect balance of life and light.

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