Topics on Educaton and the Influence of Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire

Topics on Educaton and the Influence of Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire
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ED Thread –
To be clear, @ stevensonhs your assessment doesn’t work and hasn’t for years. #atRating@SolutionTreeAR This assessment (known at my school as EBR) has degraded learning skills and undermined work ethic while increasing student stress. And this one
the assessment destroyed trust in the faculty and burned us out. Teachers feel that their professional integrity has been compromised and ethically feel that they are going against what they have been trained to do and what they believe is right. #atAssessment #edchat
I do not think so @ stevensonhs A senior administrator wants to disrupt students or teachers, but they turn a blind eye and refuse to dialogue with Ts about what works and what doesn’t. This is NOT a professional learning community #atPLC and has strayed from Dr. Dufour’s school.
I have been fighting for years trying to effect change and make the EBR system work and the top admin refuses to acknowledge it. I documented many of those complaints in my resignation letter, which you can read here:… However

the top admin refuses to admit it. They continue to defend this harmful policy. Therefore, I felt compelled to resign. After years of trying to work with the admin I was frustrated instead of hearing WHY I was frustrated,

the admin told me to follow all instructions without question. The stress of having to teach in a system I disagree with ethically and pedagogically, combined with the administrator’s refusal to be reasonable, led to my resignation. And it gave me the freedom to speak

@mentionsAdmin still refuses to admit it. Just YESTERDAY the director defended it to me personally. But it’s not just me. I have received so many messages of support from students, parents and teachers. I started documenting them here:

All I ask is @ stevensonhs the board and the top administrator can listen. Guarantee that teachers will not face retribution or listen. Give students a forum to listen. Give directors the assurance that they can speak honestly and listen. Everything. Is it that hard?
Everyone is AFRAID @ stevensonhs – parents, students, teachers and department directors all operate in fear and this isolates the top administrator from reality. We must be a learning community, not a tyranny. Admin requires Ts to collect feedback – what feedback does admin collect?
Refusing to listen to the people who matter most in your district—students and parents—is why I’m interested in books @ stevensonhs published already in 2016 Administrators travel the country and bring teachers and administrators from all over the United States to SHS to see what we do.
This is BIG $$$ in education. @SolutionTreeAR is part of a million dollar business. A lot @ stevensonhs admin earned a lot of USD both during and especially after his SHS career. I don’t begrudge people their dollars, but when it hurts students, it’s time to speak up.
because @ stevensonhs affects schools across the country, they have an incredible responsibility to speak the truth. The public reaction reflects the frustration felt by teachers across the United States, as well as SHS students and parents

Will the D125 school board listen and charge the superintendent to fix this? If you don’t believe me and don’t care that I end my career as a leader in my field, loved by students, at least listen to students, parents, and teachers.

Are @NationalEducat4 listen and stem the tide of teachers leaving the profession? will @ISBEnews listen and start supporting students and teachers? #edchat

But even after all this, I’m still afraid that the admin will try to slander me and try to get retribution instead of just listening and changing for the better. Big $$ is powerful. And the government is intoxicating. They won’t want to give up either.

But democracy is more powerful than them. Our collective voice is stronger. The conscious will of motivated people can bring about change. So if you agree, if you are a student, parent or teacher, please speak up. Like this. Retweet. DM me. Send the board privately. You are important!

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