Ways of Thinking…: Tonight: Professor Gilfoyle’s Midnight Walk!

Ways of Thinking...: Tonight: Professor Gilfoyle's Midnight Walk!
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From the LUC website:

The Midnight Bike Ride will run again in 2022. on September 15, starting at 9 p.m.

Hog butcher to the world,
Tool Maker, Wheat Loader,
A player with railways and a nation’s freight supervisor;
stormy husky fight
City of Big Shoulders.
-Carl Sandberg

The next midnight march is scheduled for Thursday, 2022. September 15

Since 1989 Loyola University history professor Timothy Gilfoyle led his students and friends on a “midnight bike ride.” The event introduces students to major topics in American history by visiting various historic sites in Chicago.

A brief introduction to Midnight Bike Ride:​

Check out the highlights of 2017. moments of an autumn midnight bike ride in the YouTube series I’m Your Neighbor.

The adventure returns in 2022. September 15, 9 p.m on the plaza south of the East Quad and bounded by Cuneo Hall, Madonna della Strada Chapel, and the Mundelein Center on Loyola University’s Lake Shore campus. Riders usually return to campus between 6 and 7 a.m. the next day. Rides take place late at night and in the morning to avoid daytime and rush hour traffic, and participants always see and learn more by bike than by bus or foot. Riders pedal slowly (it’s not a race), often stopping at important historical and architectural sites. Frequent stops for food, drinks and a visit to the rest room. All Loyola students, faculty and alumni are invited and encouraged to bring family and friends.

Attendees are encouraged to dress warmly, preferably in layers to accommodate Chicago’s often changing weather. Gloves are also recommended in cold weather, especially early in the morning. Participants must bring money to pay for food and drinks and must sign a legal waiver before starting the ride.

Don’t have a bike? No problem! Loyola students can rent bikes for $35 (discounted from the regular $45 fee) from Chainlinks, located at 1100 W. Sheridan Road, Level 1, Parking Structure next to Campus Transportation on the Lake Shore campus. A sign with the name “Chainlink” is displayed on the entrance road to the garage. Bike reservations are available online at Renters must have a valid driver’s license or student ID and payment must be made prior to pickup through the Loyola Marketplace portal. Chainlinks requires students to reserve a bike online in advance to expedite the rental process. Finally, the daily rental is valid for 24 hours: if the rental is collected at 20:00, the bike must be returned the next working day at 20:00.

Previous bike rides have visited the following locations:


in 2022 September 15

in 2023 April 20

in 2023 September 14

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