Where do fairies live?

where do fairies live
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You can easily create a fairy house so you can invite fairies to live in your garden.

Have you ever wondered where fairies live and where to find them? Well, fairies can live anywhere: in your garden, your house, trees and even in your flower pots. They can live anywhere they want, so be careful what you come across!

what are fairies

Fairies are often thought of as fictional creatures that live in children’s minds, hence the word fairy derives from “fairy tale”. However, there are countless occurrences that prove the existence of fairies. Many adults also believe in fairies.

Perhaps you already have an image in your mind of what a fairy looks like – a cute little elf with white wings and blond hair. And guess what, that is not How they look like!

Fairies can be small, pretty creatures, but travelers and witnesses who have actually seen them describe them as good-natured but very unpredictable and mischievous.

In return for something in return, such as security or good weather, people would often leave offerings for the fairies, such as sweet foods such as cakes and fruit.

Where do fairies live?

Fairy beliefs persist today, especially in green countries like Ireland, England, Scotland, Norway and Iceland. Ireland is one of the lush green countries with an overwhelming fairy population.

Did you know fairies have kings too? They say if you hear random sounds of music in the air, it’s probably from dancing fairies partying.

Irish superstition strongly warns against disturbing natural elements such as trees. Hills and flowers and they say Hawthorne trees are a favorite haunt of Irish fairies. Hawthorn trees are considered sacred in Ireland. In 1999, a highway was diverted to a different route, just so not a single tree would be eradicated. They believed that if they disturbed the tree, everyone would be out of luck.

In the desert meadows of Namibia, circles of fairies mysteriously form and disappear for no reason. Nobody knows how they arise or how they disappear. According to legend, these circles are made by fairies dancing under the moon.

Have you ever wondered where you can see fairies in the wild? Well, they live all over the world. In fact, you could be sitting next to one right now without even knowing it.

Fairies are believed to live in forest communities, subterranean kingdoms, mounds, mounds, lakes, stones, rocks, and grass circles. They live among elves, gnomes, ogres and other creatures.

Fairies even vary in tribes and races, shapes and sizes. Even though they are small, they can change size, from human size to even larger.

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The fairy world

Apart from the human world, there is a separate realm called the fairy world. Similar to the Fairly Odd Parents TV show, it is another alien kingdom where fairies gather and have their own community alongside humans.

Fairies usually like to live in places with little human activity, such as gardens, forests, or parks. Some of them, like the dryad fairies, live under trees, hills, or rocks. They have even taken the form of sea spirits like mermaids and live under the sea.

There are many other fascinating types of fairies such as the cloud fairies that live in the sky, flower fairies that live among flowers, and butterfly fairies that appear as butterflies. They live everywhere! They could be anywhere in your house, your yard – anywhere.

Types of fairy houses

You can find fairy houses all over the world in every nook and cranny. Hidden fairy houses blend perfectly into the forest landscape and you really have to look closely to see them.

logs and stumps

Woodland fairies tend to live in logs and stumps where no one looks or ever notices, so they make the perfect hiding place for fairies. It’s a great quiet home that will last a long time, completely undisturbed by animals and people. They enjoy the forests and places with dense flora.

tree houses

Another ideal home for woodland fairies are tree houses. They look like any other tree with shrubs, bushes and branches all around. They are very difficult to tell from the tree, so you might be surprised if a fairy comes out and looks at you!


Fairies live in mushrooms too! Since they like to live in hidden areas and dislike crowded places, mushroom houses are not uncommon. Fairies like to live where they will blend in and be avoided by humans, and mushrooms are often good hiding places!


Fairies love the rural hills, or more commonly called hills. The richer in green, the more fairies love it. Britain is rich in greenery, that’s why it’s so populated by fairies.

water falls

Since people and animals do not dare to see what is behind a waterfall, fairies also build a home behind it. It’s a quiet, peaceful place for fairies to practice magic.

stones and pebbles

Under the nooks and crannies are the stone houses. Fairies love to live underground with lots of pebbles and rocks that vary in different colors, sizes and textures. Forest rocks are perfect for camouflage, as no one would believe fairies live beneath them. It also makes a great weatherproof home!


Let’s not forget the flowers! Flower fairies like to live amidst blossoms and flowers. These fairies are believed to help maintain the garden’s overall health.

How to build your own fairy house for your home or garden

You can invite any fairy to live in your garden and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to build one. There are many materials straight from your own backyard to build your own fairy house.

The first step is to find the ideal location. Fairies love a quiet and green place, so choose a shady, safe spot where they won’t be disturbed by animals or children.

time to get smart

You can use flower pots or other planters and containers in your home.

Choose your topic

Do you want a holiday home? Forest? Tree house? Make sure to use all the materials discussed such as logs, rocks, branches, flowers! It’s your decision. Gather your materials that fit your topic.

Fill your planter with organic potting soil

Add your materials like pebbles or moss to create a path for the fairies.

Choose miniature plants and add flowers for color and looks

Get creative with your designs. Make sure the plant is small enough to care for and consider whether it’s an indoor or outdoor plant.


Would you like miniature chairs? Fences? Lighting? Shellfish? It’s up to you to create your dream fairy house and make it as fun as possible.

The final step is to leave it alone

Leave some cute food trails and wait for your fairy. Don’t expect it to appear anytime soon. If you don’t see one, it probably doesn’t want to be seen. But make sure to leave offerings, keep it clean, and be as gentle and kind as possible, and you’ll make a new friend in no time.

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Now that you know where fairies live, be aware of your surroundings. Take the opportunity to get to know nature conservation and make conscious decisions to keep our natural foundations of life healthy.

And believe me, you’ll never know when you’ll come across one!

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