Which zodiac sign is the luckiest? From the happiest to the least lucky zodiac sign

Which zodiac sign is the luckiest?  From the happiest to the least lucky zodiac sign
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happiness is not everything

Every zodiac sign carries blessings of good fortune along with the burden of unfortunate events. It’s just that some zodiac signs sometimes feel like they’re struggling with luck more than others.

Please don’t worry if your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign may seem a little less than happy. You will soon see that there can be appropriate rewards to compensate for the toughest of trials. Each planet is ruled by gods who can work wonders in the most difficult of circumstances.

You know that both luck and struggle are universal, but let’s look at the zodiac signs from the luckiest to the least lucky and see what can be done to shoo away bad luck and magnetize more happiness!

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1. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter

The god Zeus rules Jupiter, one of the two great benefactors (Venus is the other) and bestows amazing good luck. Fortune seems to fall into the archer’s lap, like an invisible hand protecting and guiding them. But if they take that for granted, they might become reckless and start making wild misses with their arrows that can get messy. Therefore, centaurs must always use the wisdom they have been blessed with so that their lucky stars continue to shine upon them.

2. Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune

Wonderful luck seems to save, spare and exalt the fish. It’s like they can get into the most dangerous of circumstances, but miraculously swim right over, around, or through them. It’s as if their ruling gods Zeus and Poseidon protect them from the worst and bring them good luck. do they. But Pisces’ natural happiness can get shaky when they get lost in their dreams. The cure is to do the work required and lay the groundwork for their dreams to manifest in the real world, which may indeed bring them good luck.

3. Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto

Being ruled by both Ares, the god of war, and Hades, the god of death, might seem incredibly unfortunate for the Scorpio, but amazingly, even the most horrific events they must endure always seem to have a silver lining to have. It’s like they have divine protection. If you can just hold on to your inner faith and listen to that still little voice inside telling you to have faith that everything will turn out for your best, you will see that life really is better for you becomes what makes them truly happy.

4. Taurus ruled by Venus

Venus is one of the two great benefactors (the other is Jupiter) and grants bull love, happiness and abundance throughout life. Hard work will bring the security and financial prosperity that Tauruses so need to flow into their lives. However, Venusians tend to get into trouble for being too stubborn and holding onto what they need to let go of. Once they do, the goddess Aphrodite can keep the floodgates wide open to the joyful happiness they were born with.

5. Libra ruled by Venus

The children of Venus can thank their lucky stars for the luck bestowed on them. Even when her scales tip upside down with excitement and anger, she keeps bringing her inner balance back into balance. Your secret? The loving vibration of Venus always fixes everything. The goddess of love watches over her Libra babies with a gentle hand and guides them into everything good, which includes good luck, love and money.

6. Leo, ruled by the sun

Ruled by the great and mighty light of the god Apollo, big cats are born with natural luck. If they take their blessings for granted by developing arrogance and entitlement, they can interfere with their happiness. But the truly fortunate Lions recognize this early and make a commitment to be kind, loving, grateful and generous, which they will find rewarding in every aspect of their lives.

7. Aquarius ruled by Saturn and Uranus

Saturn, the god of sowing and wealth, and Uranus, the god of the sky, rule over the Aquarians. Even so, these visionaries sometimes feel they have to work unfairly hard to get anywhere near the beautiful life they envision for themselves. They may feel like they’re running around in a cosmic hamster wheel forever, trying to achieve their dreams. They can be stubborn and rebellious in electric and unexpected ways, but it is their strong will that helps the water bearer to overcome difficulties and disappointments and move on, which leads them straight into the happy and blessed life they always envisioned.

8. Virgo, ruled by Mercury

The god Hermes rules Virgo, but all the quick thinking he gives Virgo may not help much when she is burdened with perfectionism, for that comes with a high, dear price to be paid in stress, worry, and anxiety . Their brilliant Mercury-ruled minds can overanalyze what’s wrong until they feel overwhelmed. They work so hard to bring order out of chaos and desperately crave that seemingly elusive peace of mind that can leave them feeling less than happy. Virgos just need to let go a little and trust that they can succeed in attaining happiness and they will see that it can manifest in a flash.

9. Cancer ruled by the moon

Selene, the mother moon goddess, gives her moon children the ability to empathize with everything beneath those armored shells, and their hearts so often feel broken by life’s endless trials. They feel unfairly burdened with everything they have to do to have some security and peace, and they often don’t feel very happy. But it is the crab’s tender heart that is their superpower, as love will always help them find their way, which is truly a godsend.

10. Aries ruled by Mars

It is good that Aries has their fiery energy to support them as happiness does not seem to be permanent in their lives. Thanks to their ruling god Ares, their warlike temperament can always betray them. You often seem to rush into something positive and just like that turn it into negative through carelessness. If they could just slow down a bit, avoid impulsiveness, calm rash reactions, and listen to their inner voice, they would be guided to the happiness they seek.

11. Gemini ruled by Mercury

Gemini luck can be, shall we say, changeable. Sometimes the inner twins feel divided against each other and almost pull apart with conflicting thoughts and actions, causing their happiness to be compromised. The Mercury-born are so intelligent that they can end up outsmarting themselves and overthinking themselves to the point of distraction. But when twins team up, they can sparkle and shine with their innate brilliance, a gift from their ruling god Hermes, and see that when united, they can quickly manifest wondrous happiness.

12. Capricorn ruled by Saturn

Saturn is ruled by the god Cronus, which means that Capricorn has to work hard for everything they get, and all that work can make Sea Goat grumpy. You don’t believe in luck very much. They just want the cold, hard facts of life and to be left alone to climb the mountain of life they have chosen. It looks like Mount Everest to them, and their innate pessimism makes their struggles all the harder. But the blessing for the Saturnians is that their hard work brings them all the comforts of a happy and good life, which is really quite happy, after all.

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