Why do I keep seeing 1:11, 2:11, and 3:11?

Why do I keep seeing 1:11, 2:11, and 3:11?
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Image of Rainbow Wave by Andrea 😊👋 from Pixabay

Angels and all who support you in Source Energy often send signs to let you know that they are watching over you and you are aligned with your Divine Soul Path.

Your divine soul path is also known as your karmic path or “destiny” that you came to earth to fulfill.

You can mold and mold your soul path for the highest and best results, but in order to do that you must be willing to be a conscious creator in harmony with Source energy.

Angel number sign can serve as a reminder that in this moment you have a window to step into this conscious creation.

One way to enter conscious creation is to be in harmony with Source Energy and your Divine Soul Essence.

A simple way to do this is to simply avoid being in resistance mode, also known as fighting flow mode.

Resistance mode is any mood, emotional or spiritual state where you are struggling or hating what is happening instead of appreciating and being grateful for what is happening in the moment.

It can also just be a bad mood or an overall negative attitude.

Quirky mood and negative mindset are not matches your Divine Soul Essence or loving Source Energy.

Your Divine Soul Essence is very close to angelic energy and is loving, kind and omniscient. It can even be funny and playful, but it’s definitely not angry, negative, or cranky.

When you see these number signs, you want to do your best to align with your Divine Soul Essence – see if you can find a way to feel appreciative, playful, loving, or gentle.

Even if you’re at a really low point in your physical journey, there are techniques you can use like meditation, yoga, and affirmations to return to a state of appreciation, contentment, or peace.

When you are in appreciation or peace mode, you will find solutions that can improve any physical situation.

Now that we have discussed what to do when you start noticing angel numbers in general, let’s discuss what this specific series of numbers means:

Image of rainbow wave by Andrea 😊👋 from Pixabay with text overlay Why do I always see 1:11, 2:11 and 3:11?

The angel numbers 1:11, 2:11 and 3:11 are signs of New beginnings that suggest a fresh start is possible.

These numbers can be seen a positive sign of Source Energy and affirmation you are in alignment with your soul path.

They can also be a reminder from Source that when you are in a state of mental resistance (AKA thinking negative thoughts), you must come out of it immediately and find ways to shift your perspective toward optimism about the future.

Shifting your perspective to appreciation will find new ideas in a positive direction that will allow you to begin that fresh start and deeper alignment on your soul path.

In love and relationships

If you see the number signs 1:11, 2:11 and 3:11 while thinking about love or a romantic relationship, it is a sign that a new start in an existing relationship is possible.

It also indicates that it is time be open to new relationships that brings you a new beginning. Now is a great time for that release past pain and let something new unfold.

In business and money

Regarding business or money, seeing 1:11, 2:11 and 3:11 can indicate that it is time to hold a new perspective on finance.

It can also indicate new, positive and expansive opportunities are coming that brings business and money. Be open to new business and money opportunities that come your way, now is the time to say yes!

Image of Rainbow Wave by Andrea 😊👋 from Pixabay

Taken together, 1:11, 2:11, and 3:11 symbolize seen repeatedly:

  • A positive sign from Source Energy

  • Confirmation that you are in alignment with your soul path

  • Put yourself in a positive state of mind that leans in an optimistic direction

  • Be open to new beginnings and new beginnings that come your way

Whenever I see these angel numbers in person, I take them as a reminder to let the past be the past and turn my attention to new, optimistic and exciting things that are currently blooming in all areas of my life.

To get the ball rolling in an optimistic direction, remember or write down a few affirmations that you enjoy saying and repeating whenever you see an angel number.

A few good affirmations when you see an angel number are:

  • I am exited what is going to happen next

  • I am grateful to be here now and ready to let go of the past

  • I am open to all new possibilities that arise in my life now

  • I am looking forward to the exciting developments that can come my way today

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