Your daily focus: 16-22 April

Your daily focus: 16-22  April
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Spring cleaning and mindfulness

Rituals don’t have to look magical, religious, or even particularly spiritual to be effective and powerful. As we move into next season, I can’t help but think of the idea of ​​spring cleaning. Cleaning itself is a necessary duty, but it can also be a metaphysical experience and an opportunity to incorporate mindfulness into our everyday lives.

But the act of just getting rid of things may not be enough to bring about a powerful change in your life. Aside from the more traditional definition of cleansing, focus on practices like cleansing, letting go, and renewing. When we take the time to give meaning to even the mundane act of cleaning, we can transform our state of mind and the world around us as well. Focus on these quotes this week to remind you of the importance of incorporating spring cleaning into every aspect of your life.

Saturday, April 16th

“The goal of cleaning is not just cleaning, but feeling happy in that environment.”
-Marie Kondo

Cleaning is about more than just the action: it’s about curating the world around you, creating a space you want to inhabit, and giving you room to breathe and move. Of course there are hygiene issues and there are cleanliness standards that you can adhere to. But the truth is, what is clean for you may not be for someone else. Ask yourself what works for you and what functionality you need, and then follow your own path of what “clean” looks like.

Sunday, April 17th

“Storms don’t come to destroy you, they come to cleanse you. Lean in and learn to fly in the storm!”
– Sanjo Jendayi

What is the difference between purification and cleansing? The purification takes place within us. It’s emotional, cleansing, spiritual – we feel cleansed of a form of liberation that goes beyond the physical. Sometimes this feeling can come from physical cleansing when we create an environment that matches our inner feeling. However, when we think of purification, we usually think of something deeper. As you clean up your mess, make sure to look inward as well.

Monday, April 18th

“The best lightning rod for your protection is your own spine.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

For me, protection is part of cleaning and cleansing. It is the act of choosing what we keep. Just as we find things to let go of, we need to be aware of things we hold on to. Only you can decide what is worth protecting, what is worth keeping in the mess of life. If you have something worth keeping safe, make sure you do everything you can to protect it.

Tuesday, April 19th

“The wound is where the light enters you.”
– Rumi

Healing is important when we are willing to make changes and move forward. We don’t need to forget what happened or find complete closure, but being aware of our own wounds and their impact is enough to keep us on track. Try not to shy away from the hard work and reflection that it takes to heal.

Wednesday, April 20th

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us to our fellow human beings; and between these fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”
– Herman Melville

connection is important. We are not alone here, on this planet, in our communities, in our passions or concerns. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to pay attention to our personal connections. We should strive to bring into the world the kind of care we wish to receive. Take the time to make sure you are nurturing the important relationships in your life.

Thursday, April 21st

“Who locked me here? who is holding me here who can set me free Who controls and limits my life besides…me?”
– Alan Moore

It can feel like we have more control the tighter we hold on to things, the more we try to mold them and force them into the boxes we think they belong. But letting go is also a form of control. We shape our reality not only by carefully curating our space with what we want around us, but also by choosing what we don’t need to surround ourselves with.

Friday, April 22nd

“In stillness we will find renewal.”
– Lailah Gifty Akita.

At the end there is renewal. When we’ve taken the time to pay attention to what we bring in, what we let go, and how we connect, we can step back and appreciate the elements of our lives that we have control over and the things we do have changed. It can be a reminder of our power to see how we have shaped our own lives. Setting boundaries, resting, and creating peace are all brilliant ways to pave a new path.

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