Your daily focus: 23rd-29th April

Your daily focus: 23rd-29th  April
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Welcome to Taurus season

The transition from Aries to Taurus can feel abrupt as the energies are quite at odds with each other. Aries, who are all about action and spontaneity, speaks a very different language from Taurus, who like to plan, put down roots, and move carefully and deliberately. Taurus is the youngest of the earth signs and the second youngest of the zodiac overall. They often feel wise beyond their years in ways that others around them may find less emotionally mature. Stubbornness is a key trait for Taurus, and while it can be a virtue, it’s often a setback.

As with all zodiac signs, there are major pros and cons to having Taurus placements. If this is your natal Sun sign, you will likely find yourself feeling more comfortable over the next few weeks. People with Mercury in Taurus may feel the need to commit more than usual, and people with Venus in Taurus may be drawn to extravagant spending or indulgence. Regardless of your personal natal chart, you are likely to feel the pull of Taurus energy over the next few weeks. This week’s Daily Focus highlights some of the biggest feelings and moods to pay attention to.

Saturday, April 23rd

“Bulls are stubborn as hell… But beneath that hard bullskin beats the heart of a hopeless romantic.” – Armistead Maupin

Part of what makes Taurus so wonderful is that they know their worth. They are ready to wait for something better, something authentic and something true. You may find it easier to stick to your guns over the next few weeks. Your morals and values, as well as your personal well-being, will be at the forefront of your decisions. It may seem like stubbornness to people trying to push you around, but sometimes standing your ground is good.

Sunday, April 24th

“Maybe because I’m a Taurus, I like to watch plants grow.” -Bill Kreutzmann

Taurus love to encourage growth. They like to put down roots and form communities. While other zodiac signs move quickly, trying new things and tossing them aside, Taurus wants to wait and see. This allows them to reap rewards that others could forego.

Monday, April 25th

“Perhaps home is not a place, but simply an irrevocable condition.” – James Baldwin

Life doesn’t always allow us to put down roots in the physical sense. Often we are forced to move, leaving people behind, forming new communities. But for a Taurus who values ​​the idea of ​​home and security so much, this goes beyond building a solid home and is more about forging lasting connections that promote security.

Tuesday, April 26th

“I am a Taurus. Down to the bone. Well I’m very stubborn. I think I have common sense; I probably have a little tunnel vision at times, but I’m strong.” -Michelle Pfeiffer

Another benefit of being stubborn and goal-oriented is that it takes strength, something Tauruses have in abundance. They tend to see far into the future and plant the seeds they need to grow. I often think of Taurus as a seed, Virgo as a fruit, and Capricorn as a tree. There are so many possibilities in one seed if cared for well.

Wednesday, April 27th

“Love of bulls is simple, plain and honest.” – Linda Gutmann

Taurus, ruled by Venus, loves love and luxury. They want a stable, meaningful relationship with someone to nest with, plan a future with, and grow with. This is a great time to nurture new and old relationships with gifts and quality time.

Thursday, April 28th

“I am an organism of the earth, a bull. I was never born of air, water or fire. I’m a creature of gravity and I could feel the ground whispering.” – Sue Grafton

Earth sign seasons are always good for grounding us. This is the time to get back in touch with your own desires. Taurus is sensual and practical, in touch with their wants and needs, but also cautious and careful enough not to take the first thing that comes their way. Use this energy to really find your own center and set boundaries.

Friday, April 29th

“A Taurus’ imagination always involves building. Whether it’s a career or a lifelong love, a Taurus relishes the idea that if you put in a lot of effort for something, you’ll be rewarded with something strong and solid to hang your hat on. – Alex Dimitrov

This is a great time to plant your own seeds, plan for the future, and look for new ways to grow. This is a season of concentration and focus, a mix of caution but plenty of emotion. This is a time to examine what you seriously want to tackle and figure out what needs to happen next to achieve your goals.

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