Your daily focus: 7th-13th May

Your daily focus: 7th-13th  May
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Avoid neglecting your needs

This week I want to look at something I’ve worked on endlessly for as long as I can remember. Finding a way to be heard, recognized, and seen for who you are can be very difficult. We are often taught to bow to others and put our own needs aside in order to take care of children, a partner or family members. These people rely on us, and it can be easy to put our wants and desires aside and allow their needs to take the place of our own.

Yes, it can be hard to talk about not feeling validated. However, that doesn’t make your needs any less important. Here are a few reminders for this week to let you know that your needs, wants, and feelings matter. Remember your presence is divine.

Saturday May 7th

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
—EE Cummings

It can be easy to ignore your inner voice when it seems like the people around you are operating with a completely different belief system. We’ve all put our own feelings aside in order to eventually conform. It is the path of least resistance and can protect us. But at some point you have to learn to let out your inner light, speak your truth and become who you are meant to be.

Sunday May 8th

“The bravest act is still to think for yourself. According to.”
– Coco Chanel

The first step is knowing how you’re feeling, sorting out your emotions, and finding your truth. Then it’s time to bring it to life. You put in the work to get where you are. If there are people in your life who treat you badly, if you’re not being paid fairly for your work, or if you feel like you need to set boundaries for your family, then it’s time to gather your courage and set them feelings into action.

Monday, May 9th

“As we share these stories we’ve dreaded, the speechlessness loses its evil grip.”
– Jo Ann Fore

Keeping feelings to yourself and keeping secrets can turn minor injuries into massive bleeding. Hard thoughts and emotions lose their power when we speak and share them. It alleviates so much of our own inner shame. If something is bothering you, consider confiding in a friend.

Tuesday May 10th

“You are closer than you think and more qualified in your message than you can ever imagine”
– Rebecca Campbell

Regardless of how you feel, the truth is that nobody in the world has the same experience, attitude and mindset as you. Even if you think there are other, more qualified people in the ring, so to speak, their existence doesn’t diminish or disqualify your own experience. You can add something unique to any situation, even if you’re not the leading authority. Your voice still matters and your story deserves to be heard.

Wednesday May 11th

“The Buddha left Bodh Gaya to teach others. Jesus came out of the Judean desert to preach. Spiritual awakening is meaningless if it doesn’t culminate in finding your voice and standing up for what’s right.”
—Anthon St Maarten

Even if you don’t intend to start a religion, your voice still has power and can bring truth to light. Sometimes making a difference in someone’s life is just as powerful as making a big difference.

Thursday May 12th

“Your voice is the most powerful magic there is.”
-Michael Bassey Johnson

There’s a reason spells involve speaking, prayers have words, and songs are sung together. Our voices can create worlds, connect us and make others cry or laugh. Using these voices is a tool and a gift. It’s a good idea to use your today positively.

Friday May 13th

“Never let yourself be silenced. Never let yourself be victimized. Don’t accept anyone’s definition of your life, define yourself.”
– Harvey Fierstein

You can do things differently. You don’t need a permit, manual, YouTube video, or even this article to explain that it’s okay to follow the voice in your heart. What you have to say is valuable and important – it can change the way others see the world and open doors for you. Hiding your voice is doing you and the world a disservice. You never know who might benefit from your words.

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