Your Daily Focus: April 9th ​​- 15th

Your Daily Focus: April 9th ​​- 15th
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A busy week for celestial bodies

This week is very busy for the skies so for that daily focus let’s look at some of the bolder and brighter transits taking place over the next few days. As well as the position of the sun dictating what season of the zodiac we are in, all other celestial bodies also fall into a sign and curate different energies depending on where they fall and in relation to their surrounding planets.

The sun moves about every 28 days, but the moon appears about every two days. While the Sun affects the social, community, and physical aspects of our lives, the Moon deals with more inner feelings. It can manifest differently depending on your natal moon sign. For example, Cancer moons born will feel the Cancer moon energy stronger and in harmony with their own energy. People with a Capricorn moon will struggle with the impulses that a Cancer moon brings as this is the opposite energy. Knowing your own placements can help you navigate astrological transits. But regardless of your own natal chart, the energies above all of us will have a certain pull on us.

Saturday, April 9th

“The Moon enters Leo and releases Cancer’s emotional tension.”

A Leo Moon brings lightness to situations. It helps us not to take ourselves too seriously and to recognize the things we enjoy and are grateful for without falling into the flashy. This may manifest as a more subtle change – like a little appreciation – but after a few days under a Cancer Moon, which were likely to be some emotional days, this transit will bring some relief.

Sunday, April 10th

“Mercury enters Taurus, bringing elements of stubbornness to otherwise easygoing communication.”

Mercury is the planet that rules communication – that’s why communication gets so muddled when it’s retrograde. Right now, Mercury is direct and has shifted into Taurus, the sign ruled by Taurus. Taurus are known to be stubborn and headstrong so this could be a time of strained communication until the end of the month until Mercury moves into Pisces.

Monday, April 11th

“The Moon in Leo trines the Sun in Aries, a joy of fire sign energy.”

Trigons create harmony between the planets they aspect, and often, though not always, contain planets of the same element. Today the sun and moon are in harmony. The Leo Moon always offers us a break from our more intense inner dialogues and allows us to encourage a sense of play and imagination. The Sun in Aries brings real action to this otherwise somewhat internalized placement. Aries is all about action, and so our innate desire for play and creativity is well met by a daredevil energy.

Tuesday, April 12th

“The Moon is of course Void, which makes it difficult to focus and stay on task.”

The moon has left Leo but has not yet landed in Virgo. Most of today the moon moves without any sign. When the moon is void of course, it can create feelings of distraction, disconnection, and dissatisfaction. You may have a hard time concentrating today, so don’t push yourself too hard to get big things done. Plan ahead if you can to make today a little easier.

Wednesday, April 13

“The Moon is in Virgo, bringing a seriousness to our everyday lives that was lacking in Leo.”

The Moon moved into Virgo last night bringing a more structured and organized energy to our minds. The next few days will be good for planning, making lists, getting organized and preparing for things to come. Use this energy while you can to move forward before the moon shifts into laissez-faire Libra.

Thursday, April 14th

“Mars enters Pisces and brings out buried emotions. This could be an emotionally volatile time.”

Mars will be in Pisces for about the next five weeks. Mars is all about action, passion and movement, but Pisces is much more passive and prefers not to make waves and prefers to go with the flow. This can create tension in this placement because where we would otherwise be willing to take a strong position or speak our minds, we may vacillate back and forth. It may feel natural to bury our feelings or opinions in the moment, only to have them come back with a vengeance later. Try to find a middle ground here over the next month to keep communication open.

Friday, April 15

“The Moon is in Libra, which reduces Virgo’s influence on our thoughts and plans, and opens up space for exploration.”

I hope you got things done while the Moon is in Virgo, because now that the Moon is in Libra you may have a harder time committing to one thing or plan of action. Libras want to try everything and don’t feel the same eagerness for an immediate answer as Virgo. If you’ve put the time and energy into planning, now see what practically works.

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