Your daily focus: August 27th to September 2nd

Your daily focus: August 27th to September 2nd
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The challenge of personal change

If you’re lucky, you’re constantly morphing. Everything people do, everyone they interact with – everything connects to help them evolve and grow. Every day people are faced with opportunities to push themselves and see what they can become. Of course, not every day is about crossing borders. At the same time, however, becoming too comfortable with your current state can lead to stagnation.

How can people remain aware of their growth when it happens in such small ways over such long periods of time? It often seems like the only way to see how far you’ve come is to look back and look at it in hindsight. Transformation, however, is arguably less like being in the darkness of a doll and more like sitting with your nose on a Seurat painting. It looks like nothing but tiny dots of color smearing into something chaotic. But if you step back and move away from the situation, or simply get a new perspective, you may be shocked by the picture that emerges. So this week let’s focus on the idea of ​​conscious transformation and discuss how self-awareness can facilitate that growth.

Saturday, 08/27

“I enjoy my transformations. I look calm and steady, but few know how many women I have in me.”
– Anais Nin

Sometimes people look back at themselves and want to wince. They would never do things like that now, after all. But try to challenge yourself to look at your growth differently. Can you appreciate all the people you’ve been? Can you honor them even if you no longer agree with them?

Sunday, 08/28

“An alert heart is like a sky that sheds light.”
— Hafiz

The more people work on themselves, the brighter their energy becomes. Healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and when you consciously work to improve yourself, it rubs off on everyone around you. Having your feet firmly under you makes it easier for others to lean on you when needed.

Monday, 08/29

“Fearful and holy are written with the same letters. Terrible comes from the same stem as awesome. Terrible and great. Every negative experience contains the seed of transformation.”
– Alan Cohen

Challenge yourself once again to change your own perception. Sometimes a simple paradigm shift can change the way your experiences affect you. Don’t see obstacles as barriers, but as challenges to be overcome – as tests on your path to enlightenment.

Tuesday, 30.8

“Will I ever finish morphing into the past tense, or will I keep morphing better and better until I die?”
– Carmen Maria Machado

Personal development never stops. It’s the tide and your life is the ocean. Fighting it will cause nothing but uproar. It’s time to ride the waves, feel the water and let yourself be moved. Ultimately, this is one of humanity’s best qualities: its ability to adapt and transform.

Wednesday, 08/31

“When you fight against yourself to discover your true self, there is only one winner.”
– Stephen Richards

Try to stop playing yourself off against your emotions today. Check out the things you previously thought of as hard lines, impassable walls, and massive blockages. How many of those fights only affected previous versions of you? Have you checked out how your growth can help you navigate the world differently?

Thursday, September 1st

“You only fight because you’re ready to grow but not ready to let go.”
– Drew Gerald

When it feels like you’re fighting yourself, consider what exactly you’re afraid of losing. Sometimes a personal transformation can feel like a loss when in reality it is about the future. Getting ahead is ultimately the only way to broaden your own horizons. It might be time to take a look and see if you’re standing in your own way.

Friday, September 2nd

“When I finally stopped being myself, I came to be.”
— Kamand Kojouri

Take a moment today to imagine all the people you were before and all the people you could be. Even if this is not always the case, people often enough have the potential to shape their destiny in ways that are still unknown. If you’re not sure where to start, look back one year at a time. Think about where you were at that time of year when you go back. You may be surprised at what you find.

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