Your Daily Focus: September 10-16

Your Daily Focus: September 10-16
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Where affirmation and manifestation meet

What is an affirmation? If you’ve practiced mindfulness before, you’re probably familiar with the term. If you’re new to the concept, the concept might seem unusual. It might even feel a bit silly to cheer yourself on, but it really works. There is research that supports the benefits of self-motivation and changing the way you talk to yourself.

Manifestation has the power to take your affirmations to another level. It’s not just about setting intentions, but also speaking them as truth. It’s about believing you’re on the right path, having faith in the ultimate plan, and still making the physical effort required. This endeavor is arguably twofold: you must say the words and you must do the work. When you combine these two strategies, things start to change brilliantly.

Here are some affirmations you can use to focus on doing a little more each day.

Saturday, September 10th

“A validation of happiness: I deserve all the good things that I have and all the good things that are about to come to me.”

Happiness affirmations are something you can, and probably should, use every day. Finally, there are very few downsides that could possibly result from such validation. At its core, an affirmation is about giving yourself the love and respect you deserve.

Sunday, 09/11

“An affirmation for health: I heal my body where it needs it most. I send white, healing light into every pain, pain and weakness.”

When using this affirmation, it is best to focus on one thing at a time. Try it before bed and focus on something like your muscles or your joints. As you lie down to rest, imagine a white light entering your body from the top of your head, and then imagine it dripping down any places you need healing.

Monday, 09/12

“An Affirmation for Prosperity: I am surrounded by abundance. I see all the things I need next to me.”

This affirmation works best when you visualize exactly what you want. If you are specific with the universe, the universe will be specific with you. If you want money, imagine money. If you want customers, imagine customers. Imagine all the details and then say them out loud.

Tuesday, 09/13

“An affirmation for changing careers: I’m making progress. I climb higher so I can see further. This is my path and I’m exactly where I need to be.”

One of the biggest things that keeps people from moving forward is their own subconscious. Imposter Syndrome, that feeling of not being good enough or not worthy of the rewards for your hard work needs to go away! Use your power to stand tall and claim what is yours.

Wednesday, 09/14

“An Affirmation for Happiness: Good things will find me when I need them today. I will have luck on my side.”

Happiness isn’t really something that people can call off at will. What most people think of as happiness, both good and bad, is arguably just a snippet of a divine plan that people don’t understand. However, if you need an extra boost, try affirmations for happiness. The more you believe, the more it will find you.

Thursday, 09/15

“An Affirmation for Justice: I Summon the Balance. Justice finds me because I work for Justice. The truth is a magic that cannot be suppressed.”

This is a powerful affirmation that you should only use when you have been truly wronged. If you invoke it while being dishonest or manipulative of others, you could very well end up being the one being exposed! However, if you need to unearth a hidden truth, this is a great place to start.

Friday, 09/16

“An affirmation to increase personal power: I am capable. I am strong. My no is as powerful as my yes. My voice is both a sword and a shield. It protects and it defends.”

It is generally not good to harm others in any form, even spiritually. People don’t have to tear others down to rise when instead they could simply rise above the chaos. This is a great way to empower yourself, remind yourself that you are strong and capable, and add weight to your voice.

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